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The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin - Quick Stats

18 Mar 2019 - Quick Coin Facts


Quick Fact Sheet on Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins are among some of the purest gold bullions available on the globe as of today. These Royal Canadian Mint Coins can easily be the most valuable asset in any investor’s portfolio.

Each of the coins consists of .9999 millesimal or 24 karat gold. The amount of gold means the coins rarely contain any impurities.

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Brief History and Quick Facts on the Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Bullion Coins.


The coins are bullion. This means they are made in a form that makes it possible to trade them on the market or keep as an investment. There are also commemorative issues which are often kept as collector’s items.


The coins are minted annually since the year 1979 by the Royal Canadian Mint, the organization responsible for producing Canada’s circulation coins and collector’s coins.


The coins have four weight categories namely:

1. 1 Oz Canadian Gold Maple which is equivalent to $50 in face value.

2. ½ Oz Canadian Gold Maple which is equivalent to $25 in face value.

3. ¼ Oz Canadian Gold Maple which is equivalent to $10 in face value.

4. 1/10 Oz Canadian Gold maple which is equivalent to $5 in face value.

Frontal Design

The design at the face of the coins was created by Walter Ott. Ott’s design features a short profile of Queen Elizabeth as well as the date of issue.

Rear Design

The backward or reverse side of the Gold Maple Leaf Bullion has Canada’s official symbol, the maple leaf embedded on it.

A Brief History of the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Bullion Coins

One little known fact about the Canadian Maple Leaf Coins is that, before they were officially introduced, South Africa had the only pure gold bullion coins available which are named the South African Kruggerands. These South African coins, however, were in very short supply which can be attributed to apartheid. The Royal Canadian Mint, in a bid to satisfy the high demand for the gold bullion coins, began producing the coins using gold that was mined within Canada. These coins were afforded legal tender status by the Bank of Canada.

Why they are worth buying

The Gold Bullion Coins are highly recommended to keep as investment assets. They consist of 99%, 24-Karat Gold which is considered to be very pure. They have a consistent weight which makes them highly recognizable, something that increases their overall value. For collectors, there are commemorative and special –edition coins which include 2010’s Olympic and Hologram issues.

Gold Content

The coins consist of 24 – karat gold bullion that is 99.99% pure. All the gold used to make the coins was mined in Canada.

Other things worth knowing

The 1oz Gold Bullion

The 1oz Gold Bullion with a face value of $50 has a diameter of 30mm or 1.29inches. The coin’s thickness is 2.80mm or 0.12 inches. On average, the coin weighs 1.000 troy ounces or 31.3 grams.

The ½ oz. Gold Bullion

This Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin has a face value of 25 Canadian Dollars. The diameter of the coin is 25mm or 0.98 inches. The coin is 2.23 mm thick and weighs 0.500 ounces or 15.5 grams.

The ¼ oz. Gold Bullion

The ¼ oz. coin has a face value of 10 Canadian Dollars. The coin’s diameter is 20mm which is equivalent to 0.7874 inches. The coin is 1.70mm thick and grossly weighs .25 troy ounces or 7.77 grams.

The 1/10 oz. Gold Bullion

This is the smallest of the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins. The coin has a diameter of 16mm or 0.629 inches. It is 1.22mm thick and weighs 0.100 troy ouches which is equivalent to 3.1103 grams. The face value of the coin is 5 Canadian dollars.

The Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins are valuable investment options as gold is considered one of the oldest and safest forms of value. Feel free to ask us any questions or get advice on how to manage and take care of your precious metal investments including Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Bullion Coins.


                       1 Ounce Gold Maple LEaf


Gold coins such as the Canadian Maple Leaf series of coins are a popular way for precious metals investors to buy gold coins as part of a diversified portfolio. Please click here for further information on the gold Canadian Maple Series. The Maple Leaf coin series are also available in silverplatinum and palladium. To learn more about our other ranges of coins you may browse our gold coins, or contact us with any questions about investing. 





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