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Add to Cart carry all the most prominent gold coins for gold investors, including the gold Maple Leaf coin, the gold American Eagle coin, the gold Krugerrand coin, the British Sovereign gold coin, the Swiss Vreneli, the Philharmonic gold coin, Britannia gold Coins, American Buffalo gold coins and 50 Peso Mexican gold coins. Gold coins are available in 1 Ounce and fractional ounce sizes. Coins can be purchased individually, in tubes of 10 or 20, or in monster boxes. All gold coins may be purchased for tax-free Swiss storage or for delivery. Gold coins may be purchased with Bitcoin, Altcoins, Litecoin, Ethereum, Swiss Francs, Pounds Sterling, US Dollars and Euros. 

What is a Gold Coin?

A gold coin is a circular piece of gold that is issued by or on behalf of an official government body. All gold coins have legal tender value. Although the vast majority of gold coins are circular, there are several that are manufactured in the shape of an ingot. Because gold coins are issued by governments, they have a legal tender value. However, this value is normally nominal, and much lower than the gold price. For example, a 1 Ounce gold Maple Leaf has a legal tender value of $50 CAD. 

What are the Most Popular Gold Coins to Buy?

The two oldest gold coins currently being minted are the 1 Ounce gold Krugerrand and the gold Sovereign (which weighs approximately 7.3 grams). These two are also the most popular gold coins among gold investors. 

The Gold Sovereign

The gold Sovereign has been in circulation for more than 200 years. The coin was initially produced by the Royal Mint, in England, during the time of the British Empire. However, the coin was hugely popular at worldwide. Because it was manufacutred from gold, the gold Sovereign was accepted at many of the trading posts from the Empire, including in India, Australia and Canada. The Royal Canadian Mint and the Perth Mint were both formed in order to manufacture gold Sovereigns from gold that was mined locally in the 1850s. Gold Sovereigns are still very popular today. Because they are much smaller than a 1 Oz coin, many investors will purchase them incrementally, over a long period of time, in order to build up a portfolio.

The Gold Krugerrand

The gold Krugerrand was first launched in 1967, as a way for the government of South Africa to monetize some of the gold that they mined (South Africa is a major producer of precious metals including gold). The coin was sold worldwide and was one of the first 1 Ounce gold coins to be introduced as a means of investing to retail investors worldwied. These coins grew very quickly in popularity, and by the late 1970s, South Africa sold nearly 3,000,000 annually. Sales dropped considerably in the 1980s during Apartheid, and the Canadian Maple Leaf took the Krugerrand's place as the most popular gold coin. Today, the Krugerrand remains one of the most popular gold coins for investors.

The Gold Maple Leaf

The gold Maple Leaf is also a hugely popular coin among gold enthusiasts. The Royal Canadian Mint first launched the Maple Leaf coin in gold in 1979, and since that time has remained at the forefront of the precious metals industry. They were one of the first government mints to issue a bullion coin in platinum or palladium. They were also the first mint to issue a gold coin that is 99999 fine - the special edition gold Canadian Maple Leaf coin. These coins are both beautifully designed and carry a low premium over the spot price. For this reason, investors frequently purchase gold Maple Leafs in larger quantities. The Maple Leaf is frequently the coin of choice for investors. 

Secure Storage of Gold Coins offer clients the option of secure vault storage located in Zurich, Switzerland. Secure storage is free of charge for up to one year from the time of purchase, and charged at a rate of 1% annually thereafter. Clients may at any time select to sell their holdings back to at favorable rates, or request their holdings for delivery. 

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