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About Us was founded to provide precious metals investors and collectors with a secure and discreet way to buy  gold, silver, platinum or palladium bullion. Clients may select for bullion to be delivered worldwide, or to be stored in Switzerland. focuses on providing its clients with the following:

1. Premium Product Selection focuses its product range on only the highest quality items available in the precious metals market. These include gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars produced by Swiss precious metals refineries, and coins produced by the most renowned government mints world-wide. The company's objective is to ensur that every product purchased from is a high-quality precious metals product, allowing the company's clients to build and maintain a proper and respectable portfolio of precious metals products. Likewise, the company also aims to shield its client's from 'fad' product lines, that are released on a limited basis at a higher premium, and instead focuses on the classic lines of products. These are more recognisable, and prove a better option for a precious metals investor to purchase.

2. Secure Precious Metals Storage understands that many individuals do not have a reasonable solution for storing precious metals, or for tax purposes, do not wish to take delivery. For this purpose, offers Swiss precious metals storage, located in Zurich, Switzerland. Swiss precious metals storage is fully insured while in storage. Items in storage are fully allocated against client positions. Clients are able to collect their goods from storage at any time (via scheduled appointment). For clients purchasing items with serial numbers, a vault receipt including serial numbers can be provided for a fee. Switzerland is renowned world-wide for its stable politics and economy, and it is for this reason that investors leave their holdings here. 

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