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Add to Cart carry a large range of silver bullion coins in sizes ranging from 1 Ounce to 1 KG. Silver coins are available individually or in Monster Boxes. Silver coins available include the American silver Eagle, the Canadian silver Maple Leaf, the Austrian silver Philharmonic, the British silver Britannia the Chinese silver Panda and the South African silver Krugerrand. Silver coins are available for VAT-exempt storage in Zurich Switzerland, or for delivery worldwide. All silver coins may be purchased using Bitcoins or Altcoins, and with Euros, US Dollars, Swiss Francs and Pounds Sterling. 

Silver Bars vs Silver Coins

Many investors struggle to decide whether to invest in silver bars or coins. Some of the reasons to invest in silver coins include the following:

Silver Coins are mostly denominated in 1 Ounce sizes. Clients may purchase the coins individually or in Monster Boxes of 500 pieces. Clients are able to sell silver coins off incrementally, which offers them greater control of their holdings and investments. Clients may also build up a silver portfolio incrementally this way, which allows for a more even price over time. 

Silver coins are issued by official governments, and therefore legal tender value. Each silver coin has a nominal value (usually between $1USD - $2USD). Although the silver value of these coins is much greater than their legal tender value, it provides some investors with reassurance that the coins are backed by governments. This legal tender value also has some tax benefits in certain jurisdictions, regarding both Captial Gains tax and VAT.

Silver coins have a more intricate and beautiful design. Many investors prefer the designs of the silver coins over silver bars. These coins are manufactured to a higher finish, and are preferred over bars, which some of which lack any fine design or finish. 

What Are the Most Popular Silver Coins to Buy?

Investors that buy silver coins prefer the silver Maple Leaf or Silver American Eagle. The silver Britannia and Silver Philharmonic are also both very popular with European investors. 

Silver Maple Leafs

The silver Canadian Maple Leaf coin was first struck in 1988 by the Royal Canadian Mint. It was the first silver bullion coin available to silver enthusiasts for investing. All current silver Maple Leafs are manufactured with a fineness of 9999, making them the purest silver coins currently available on the market. Many investors worldwide prefer investing in silver over gold - this is due to the price movements in the metal, and also due to its relative value. It is more affordable, and therefore easier for investors to build up a portfolio of silver coins over time. The silver Maple Leaf is the best selling silver coin, and also very popular in Monster Boxes of 500 coins.

The Silver American Eagle

The silver American Eagle coin was issued in 1986, in response to the huge popularity of the gold American Eagle and also to the popularity of the silver Maple Leaf. America is a large manufacturer of silver and gold, and according to US law all silver and gold American Eagle coins must be minted with US mined bullion. The silver Eagle coin contains 999 fine investment grade silver bullion. These coins, like the Maple Leafs, are popular with silver investors worldwide.

Silver Britannias

The silver Britannia coin is manufactured by the Royal Mint, and it is the only 1 Ounce silver bullion coin issued by the Royal Mint. Surprisingly, the Sovereign coin is only available in gold. Silver Britannias, like Maples, contain 9999 fine investment grade silver bullion. These coins have a legal tender value in the UK, which gives them special status - no capital gains tax is payable on any profits earned by UK residents. For this reason, this is the most popular silver coin held by UK residents. These coins are also popular with many Europeans. The silver Britannia is available as a monster box for larger investors.

Silver Philharmonics

Silver Philharmonics were first introduced by the Austrian Mint in the year 2000, the same time that Austria joined the Euro. This coin is the only silver coin issued that has a legal tender value in Euros. The design of the silver Philharmonic is the same as that of the gold Philharmonic coin. The Austrian Mint also issue a Philharmonic coin in platinum. The silver Philharmonic coin is very popular with European investors, particularly those living in countries in the EU. 

Silver Coins for Delivery or Storage

Clients of have the option to store their silver coins in Zurich, Switzerland, or to have them delivered. Clients selecting storage may then chose to sell their coins back at a favourable rate at any time, or request their silver coins for delivery. Silver coin storage is VAT exempt, which makes it a very popular option for investors in the EU. 

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