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Notify Me carries an extensive range of silver bullion bars. Investors chose to buy silver bars because they have a relatively low margin over the spot silver price and can be easily stored. Silver bars are available in sizes from 1 Ounce to 100 Ounces. The most popular sized silver bars for investors are the 1 kilogram silver bar and the 100 ounce silver bar. sell silver bars from a range of suppliers, including Argor-Heraeus Silver bars, Heraeus Silver Bars, UBS Silver Bars, Credit Suisse Silver Bars, Valcambi SIlver Bars, and PAMP Fortuna, PAMP Lunar Series and PAMP Faith Series. All silver bars are a minimum fineness of 999. Silver bars are available for delivery or for vault storage in Switzerland, which is VAT-exempt. 

Investing in Silver – Why You Should Consider it

Silver and gold have always been the most popular precious metals among physical investors. Silver offers great advantages, as it’s both an investment product and an industrial metal. Here are some reason why you should consider diversifying your portfolio with this volatile metal.

Silver Frequently Outperforms Gold in an Unstable Market

Looking at historical figures, it is easy to notice that silver’s price is more volatile than gold's. So, when facing an unstable market or an economic crisis, silver’s price often rises proportionally higher than that of gold.  

Reading the Gold - Silver Ratios

The Gold/Silver Ratio has recently reached 83, which is very close to the historical high for this ratio. What this means is essentially that the gold price is 83 times higher than the silver price. This means that essentially silver is undervalued, and due to appreciate relative to gold. This is also supported by the historical figures of the Gold/Silver ratio.

Silver Supply is Decreasing – Inventories are Low

Two important aspects to keep into consideration about silver are that its supply is decreasing and that government inventories of silver are low.

Silver has a lot of industrial uses. Therefore, market demand for the metal is consistent and increasing with consumer demand.  In the future, if market demand is greater than the silver supply, governments do not have adequate amounts of silver to fall back on.

One other consideration is that silver’s supply is currently decreasing. Silver is mostly a byproduct in the mining process for other metals. However, there is not enough new metal entering the market through this process to satisfay growing demand for silver.

Industrial Uses of Silver

Silver has a vast number of applications. It is used in mobile phones, computers, digital cameras, and other appliances. Silver is also used in the production of plastics, batteries, jewelry, and many more.

As those industries continue to grow, the demand for silver will grow as well.

Investing in Silver Bars sell a large range of silver bars. These include small bars starting at less than 1 ounce, up to 100 ounce silver bars. Silver bars are manufactured by a range of refineries around the world, including Argor Heraeus, Valcambi, the Royal Canadian Mint, the Royal Mint, the Perth Mint and Asahi. The most popular sized silver bars for investors are the 1 Kilogram and 100 Ounce silver bar.

What Are the Most Popular Silver Bars?

Clients like to purchase a range of styles of silver bars - some prefer cast bars while other prefer the minted style. Many prefer the 1 Kilo or the 100 Ounce size silver bars. Below is a list of the most popular silver bars:

The 1 Kilo Valcambi Silver Bar

The 1 KG Valcambi Silver bar is the most popular silver bar available on the market for European investors. Valcambi has a long-standing reputation for the manufacture of high quality and silver bullion products. Each 1 KG Valcambi silver bar comes with a serial number and a certificate. These bars are very popular with European investors, and are also hugely popular for clients looking to build their silver holdings in storage instead of via delivery. Valcambi also manufacture the 1 KG Credit Suisse Silver Bar, which was discontinued in the 1980s.

The 100 Ounce Silver Bar 

The 100 Ounce Silver bar is manufactured by several different refineries - these include Johnson Matthey, Asahi and the Royal Canadian Mint. Recently PAMP has also introduced a 100 Ounce silver bar. These bars are really popular with investors looking to stockpile silver in larger quantities, and for those purchasing silver solely on premium. 

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