Storage Specials is a trusted platform for those seeking to securely store precious metals in Switzerland. The section of the website offers a specific selection of products designed for vault storage, encompassing silver, palladium, and platinum bars and coins. These items are available at a further reduced premium on the basis that they are being purchased for storage only. This is a unique opportunity for clients that makes the investment process more financially accessible.

Swiss Bullion's vault storage system is both secure and economical. The choice to store silver bars in the vaults allows clients to utilize VAT-free silver storage. This means clients can purchase silver for storage without incurring the additional costs commonly associated with such investments. The reduced premium is applicable as long as the assets remain in storage. Should a client choose to have the assets delivered, the premium difference is added to the delivery fee.

In addition to silver, also offers VAT-free storage for palladium and platinum, further diversifying the investment options. Palladium, a rare metal with increasing demand in several industries, can be bought VAT-free for storage. Platinum, another prestigious metal, can also be stored in Switzerland under the VAT-free platinum storage option.

Storing precious metals in Switzerland with allows clients to leverage the country's strong tradition in banking and finance. The platform offers its clients high-level protection for their investments.

Through, clients have the opportunity to invest in precious metals and secure their assets in one of the world's most respected financial centers. 

In the face of global economic uncertainties, provides an essential service by helping individuals secure their wealth in precious metals. The platform's unique offering of reduced premiums for stored items and VAT-free storage for silver, palladium, and platinum, combined with the security of Swiss storage, positions as a reliable choice for both seasoned and novice investors.

Bullion storage is available to clients worldwide, including clients residing in countries where delivery is not possible. Clients may purchase precious metals in up to 20 different currencies or cryptocurrencies. All storage is VAT-exempt. 

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