Wholesale 10 x 1 Ounce Gold Bar

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This wholesale package of gold bars is different from our other wholesale packages. It contains 10 bars made of 1 ounce of 999% pure gold. Bars are supplied based upon our current stock inventory, and the brands supplied may differ. As a "Brand of Our Choice" product, you don't get to choose the specific brand of bars you receive, but you get to bypass a portion of the premium fee associated with purchasing bullion.

Each bar in this wholesale pack will come individually packaged with its own assay, and while the details of the bars will be different depending on what is chosen, all bars will contain 1 troy ounce of investment grade gold bullion, with a minimum fineness of 999.

This option is less aimed at collectors looking for specific bars, and more aimed at investors who solely care about the value and cost of their investments.

Investing in Wholesale Gold Bars

Since this wholesale package contains bars of our choice, it’s impossible to list all the combinations of brands you might get and what sets each brand apart. However, you are guaranteed to get bars from any of the brands and series we carry. This includes 1-ounce gold bars from PAMP, Asahi, Credit Suisse, Valcambi or Argor-Heraeus. Other brands, such as Heraeus, Royal Canadian MInt, Metalor, IGR, or Asahi may also be supplied, in addition to others. Information on each brand is available on each of the brands’ individual listings.

Each bar contains 1 ounce of pure .999% gold, individually packaged, and complete with an assay. These bars are chosen depending on which bars are in stock, which changes constantly.

This option is best suited towards investors looking to buy gold bars purely as an investment into physical gold. It allows clients to optimize their return on investment, by reducing premiums to the lowest levels possible.

All in all, this is the best option for maximizing your gold investment while lowering your investment costs.

Why Add Wholesale Gold Bars to Your Portfolio?

Adding gold to your portfolio is almost always a smart move when done at the right time. Gold tends to hold its value extremely well during good economic periods, and it rises when the economy drops. This is largely due to people purchasing gold to save their wealth in times of need. This is a direct contradiction to how most other precious metal investments work, and that allows you to create a stable portfolio that almost always shows slow and steady growth.

Buying this “Brand of Our Choice” wholesale package of 1-ounce gold bars provides its own benefits.

  • Lower Premiums: Premiums are used by every bullion distributor to keep the business running. It's essentially payment for sourcing bars and going through the work to fulfill an order. Since we can simply choose bars from what we have, we can pass savings on to you.
  • Quality: All bars supplied are investment grade gold bullion bars with a minimum fineness of 999.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Gold bars from SwissBullion.eu

Swiss Bullion offers a wide range of options to clients looking to buy wholesale gold bars. These include the following:

  • Payment is accepted via bank transfer in 20 currencies, including CHF, EUR, DKK, SEK, GBP, USD, NOK, PLN and others. 
  • Payment is possible in 7 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. 
  • Clients have the option of delivery worldwide.
  • Secure vault storage is also possible - clients may manage their holdings online 24/7 via our online platform. 
  • Clients may sell bullion back to Swiss Bullion at any time from vault storage, or request delivery. 

Wholesale gold bars are a very popular product for investors, and wholesale lots of these bars are an excellent way to diversify your portfolio into bullion at reduced premiums. 

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