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The tube of 10 x 1 ounce BOOC gold coins allows investors to buy ten bullion coins from different mints wholesale. The tube contains bullion coins from recognised mints and refineries worldwide. These coins are selected and supplied based on current excess stock availability. The coins packed in the tube may include the following:

  • 1 Oz South African Gold Krugerrands
  • 1 Oz Canadian Gold Maple Leafs
  • 1 Oz American Gold Eagles
  • 1 Oz British Gold Britannias
  • 1 Oz Australian Gold Kangaroos
  • 1 Oz Austrian Gold Philharmonics
  • Or others.

Why Invest In the Tube of 1 Ounce BOOC Gold Coins

This wholesale listing of gold 1 ounce coins allows investors to purchase high-quality bullion coins from different mints across the globe. Furthermore, the 1 Oz gold coins in the list are the most sought by investors worldwide. Gold is an effective investment against inflation and for investors interested in diversifying their portfolios.

The demand for gold has gone up since 2008 when the global economic crunch started. The 2011-2012 European debt crisis pushed the demand further. Consequently, gold became the most preferred investment. Most investors opted for low premium gold coins that included 1/10 ounce, ¼ ounce, ½ ounce, and 1-ounce gold coins.

Gold coins are backed by the country that issues them to their legal tender value, further offering investors a guarantee of the investment that they are purchasing. Buying a tube of 10 x 1-ounce gold coins allow investors to own high-quality bullion coins with a reduced premium. This is a fantastic option for investors who are interested in buying gold coins based on their premium, and not on their design. 

Gold Coins may be purchased for worldwide delivery and secure vault storage. 

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