100 Ounce PAMP Suisse Cast Silver Bar

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Weight 3110.500 Grams / 100.005 Oz
Serial Number Yes
Manufacturer PAMP


Buy The 100 Ounce PAMP Suisse Cast Silver Bars

The 100-ounce PAMP Suisse silver bar is one of the latest bullions from the world renowned PAMP Suisse. This company is respected because of the high quality of the silver and gold bars it produces. Every bar that leaves the mint is guaranteed to contain .999 fine silver, making it an excellent choice for investors interested in buying silver in bulk.

PAMP Suisse is a Swiss company producing precious metals since 1970. The company has grown to become of one the mints respected for craftmanship and the superiority of the products. The front of the bar has an engraving of the logo of the refinery at the top. The weight, assayer mark, purity level, and individualized serial number are printed below the logo. The back of the bar is intentionally left blank.

The 100 Ounce PAMP Suisse Cast Silver Bar

  • The bars are made from .999 fine silver weighing 100 ounces.
  • The front of each bar is inscribed with a unique serial number, PAMP Suisse logo together with the weight and purity level.
  • The bars are a product of the PAMP Suisse in Switzerland.
  • The 100-ounce PAMP Suisse cast silver bars are beautiful bars with a frosty finish.
  • All the bars are stamped with the month and year of production.
  • Every bar come in a protective plastic capsule together with an assay certificate.
  • Orders of 5 bars or more are shipped in monster boxes.

PAMP Suisse is considered one of the leading bullion producers in the world because of its notable products such as the Lunar, Rosa, and the Fortuna design collections. PAMP provide investors with different design option and high-quality investment worthy silver bars. These bars feature the PAMP Suisse logo for authenticity and visual appeal.

The 100-ounce PAMP Suisse cast bars are available for sale in a unique and beautiful finish. Each bar is cast with a soft, rounded edges and is inscribed on one side only. All the silver bars are cast by highly trained experts in Switzerland. This is evident is the state-of-the-art design and finish.

Investors have the option of buying the 100-ounce Suisse cast silver bars either individually or in bulk. The silver manufactured by PAMP are placed individually inside a protective plastic capsule or shipped in monster boxes that holds a total of five bars. Buying a monster box is a handsome investment in silver with a total weight of 500 Troy oz of silver that is .999 fine.

Each bar comes with a frosted finish that makes the surface of the silver appear polished, especially on the backside that is inscription free. The font of the bar bear inscriptions of the manufacturer’s logo, a 6-digit serial number, weight, and the purity level. The bars are shipped with an assay cards that includes the serial number found on the bar and the assayer’s signature.

Buying the 100-ounce PAMP Suisse silver bar is a trustworthy investment because the London Bullion Market Association certified PAMP Suisse as a Good Delivery refiner.

Bars are available for VAT-exempt storage in Switzerland.

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