Monster Box - Silver British Britannias

Weight 15552.500 Grams / 500.024 Oz
Serial Number No
Condition Circulated
Manufacturer Royal Mint
13122.14 USD
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Monster box of silver British Britannia coins.

Each box contains 500 coins, stored in 25 tubes of 20 coins each. The packaging is provided directly from the Royal Mint in the United Kingdom.

The British Britannia coin series is one of the most popular issued by the Royal Mint, and is available in gold and in silver. The silver Britannia features an image of Lady Britannia, walking with a trident in one hand and a shield in the other.

Buy the Monster Box-Silver Britannia 1 Oz Random Year Coins

The monster box contains 500 pieces of 1 Oz silver coins in brand new uncirculated condition. This translates to 15.56 kilograms of fine silver. The random year silver Britannia coins have a face value of £2, which makes them the largest and purest coins. The coins are a legal tender in the UK and are exempted from the capital gains tax. This has made them the most preferred by British investors interested buying bullion in large share. The coins have continued to bear the legendary image of Britannia, the national symbol of Great Britain.

Prior to 2013, the British Silver Britannia coins were officially called Britannia Silver. The coins contained 1 Oz of silver with purity level of .958. From 2013, the Royal Mint has produced 1 Oz coins with a purity level of .999. This means 1 Oz coins weighs exactly one ounce.

The Features of The Monster Box-Silver Britannia 1 Oz Random Year Coins  

  • The monster box contains 500 silver coins each weighing 1 Oz. This translates to 500 Oz of silver or 15.56 kilograms.
  • Each silver coin is .999 fine and weighs 1 troy ounce.
  • The front of the coin is inscribed with the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II together with the face value of £2.
  • The backside bears the legendary image of lady Britannia holding a shield and a trident. This is the image that symbolizes Britain’s strength and integrity and has appeared on coins since the Roman times.
  • The 1 Oz mixed year silver coins are sovereign and backed by the British government.
  • The coins have a diameter 38.61 mm and a thickness of 3.00 mm.
  • The coins are exempt from capital gains tax for UK.

The weight and the purity level of the coins are assured by the U.S government. The coins are designed and packed in a way that enable mass storage and safe transit. This provides exceptional convenience for investors and collectors. Purchases of 25 coins are shipped in Royal Mint tubes. Large orders of 500 coins come in sealed Royal Mint Monster boxes. This option is favorable for investors interested in buying silver in large quantities and selling later.

Britannia coins are highly sorted after because of the silver content, which makes the coins highly liquid. This makes it easy for investors to liquidate the coins when the prices are high. The current Britannia coin series have unlimited mintage. Investors interested in limited edition coins can opt for the Queen Beasts or the UK lunar coins.

Silver Britannia monster boxes are available for silver investors looking to buy silver in larger quantities. sell the silver Britannia monster box for VAT-free Swiss storage or delivery.

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