Monster Box - Silver Australian Kangaroos

Weight 7776.250 Grams / 250.012 Oz
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Manufacturer Perth Mint
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Mini-monster box of silver Australian Kangaroo coins. This box contains 250 silver Kangaroo coins.

Silver Kangaroos are sold in 10 tubes of 25 pieces, and come in their original packaging provided by the Perth Mint.

The silver Kangaroo coin was recently introduced into the precious metals market due to the popularity of the gold Kangaroo coin. The Perth Mint also produce the silver Koala and Kookaburra coin.

Silver Kangaroo monster boxes are available from for VAT-free Swiss storage or delivery.

Buy the Monster Box - Silver Australian Kangaroos

Silver Australian Kangaroo coins are a product of the Perth Mint, a company famous for minting some of the finest bullion in the world. The Kangaroo coin series in the preferred product from the Perth Mint. The Kangaroo is a national symbol in Australia, and is printed on several currencies.

The Perth Mint first introduced the silver kangaroo coin in 1993, and they were later introduced again in 2016. Limited numbers of coins are produced annually. The Monster Box contains 250 silver coins each weighing 1 oz and made of .9999 fine silver. The Kangaroo Monster Box has proven a popular choice among investors across the globe from the time the coins were released in larger quantities in 2016.

The Features of The Monster Box - Silver Australian Kangaroos

  • The monster box contains 250 coins each weighing 1 ounce.
  • The coins are packed in 10 tubes with each tube containing 25 pieces.
  • The 2019 Australian Kangaroo 1 oz silver coin is 99.9% pure.
  • The front of the coin features the face value of the coin and the image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as done by Jody Clark.
  • The back features the image of the classic red Kangaroo as portrayed by Dr. Stuart Delvin.
  • The Silver Australian Kangaroo coins are sovereign meaning that they are guaranteed by the Australian government.
  • The Perth Mint, which produces the Silver Koala and Kookaburra coins, also mints the Silver Australian Kangaroos coins.
  • The Silver Kangaroo Monster Boxes can be bought from the and the offer comes with a Swiss storage or the option for delivery.

The tubes are sealed by the Perth Mint and bear a holographic security strip fitted on top to enable customers to tell whether the Monster Box has been tampered with. The Kangaroo is the most recognizable symbol from Australia's wildlife. The red Kangaroo engraved on the silver coin can run at speeds of 35 miles per hour. In fact, the massive steps the kangaroos take propel them 25 feet in one leap.

Buying the Silver Australian Kangaroo Monster Box benefits investors in a number of ways, which include:

  • The coins are sovereign meaning the Australian government guarantees them.
  • The coins can be traded in the precious metal market.
  • Possibility of increase in the prices in the future due to high demand.
  • Some numismatic value over the value of their silver content may also allow for price increases in the future. 

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