Monster Box - 2021 Silver British Britannias

Weight 15552.500 Grams / 500.024 Oz
Serial Number No
Condition Uncirculated
Manufacturer Royal Mint
15259.90 USD
4 Week Delivery

Brand new 2021 uncirculated silver British Britannia Monster box.

Each box contains 500 coins, stored in 25 tubes of 20 coins each. The packaging is provided directly from the Royal Mint in the United Kingdom.

The British Britannia coin series is one of the most popular issued by the Royal Mint and is available in gold and in silver. The silver Britannia features an image of Lady Britannia, walking with a trident in one hand and a shield in the other.

Silver Britannia monster boxes are available for silver investors looking to buy silver in larger quantities. sell the silver Britannia monster box for VAT-free Swiss storage or delivery.

Buy the Monster Box - 2021 Silver British Britannia

The Royal Mint introduced the Silver British Britannia coin in the market in 1997 after successfully selling Gold Britannia coins in 1987. The pioneering silver coins weighed 1 oz and 20,000 pieces were minted. The silver Britannia coin has a face value of £2. The coins minted from 1998 to 2012 contained .958 fine silver. The standard British Sterling contains .925 fine silver. The 2013 British Britannia coin was the first silver coin from the Royal Mint with a fineness level of .999.

The design of the Silver Britannia coins was meant to appeal to both investors and collectors. The coin features “Lady Britannia” associated with power, strength, leadership, peace, elegance, and femininity. In 2017, the image of “Lady Britannia” was refreshed during a celebration to mark the 30th anniversary.

The Features of The Monster Box British Britannia

  • The monster box provides investors with an opportunity to own 500 silver coins sealed in a Monster Box.
  • Silver Britannia coins are manufactured by the Royal Mint.
  • The silver Britannia coin contains 1 ounce of .999 fine silver.
  • The coins qualify as a Capital Gains Tax exempt investment for UK residents.
  • The Britannia silver coins were the first to feature the new guilloche designs from the Royal Mint.
  • The front of the coin features an image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, with the face value of the coin. Each coin has a face value of £2.
  • The backside of the coin features the internationally renowned image of “Lady Britannia” resisting a powerful windstorm. The image of lady Britannia is a sign of Britain’s strength and independence since the era of the Roman Empire.
  • The British silver coin is sovereign meaning that the coin is backed by the British government.
  • The 2020 British Britannia coins are new and uncirculated.
  • The British Britannia Silver Monster Box is suitable for investors interested in buying silver in large amounts.
  • The monster box is available at the and comes with VAT-free Swiss storage and the option for delivery.

A Brief History of Lady Britannia

“Lady Britannia” was first engraved on British coins during the time of the Roman Empire. During the second century AD, Hadrian introduced a coin depicting a female figure. This figure quickly became known as Lady Britannia and a symbol of Britain. By the end of the Roman occupation in the early 400s, “Lady Britannia” stopped appearing on coins for several centuries. King Charles II reintroduced “Lady Britannia” on coins in 1672 as a way of inspiring the nation against the maritime threat Britain faced at the time. Today, Lady Britannia appears as the main image on the countries most prominent bullion coins – the British Britannia series, which are now available in gold, silver and platinum.

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