30 Gram 2020 Silver Chinese Panda Coin

Weight 30.000 Grams / 0.965 Oz
Serial Number No
Condition Uncirculated
Packaging Capsule
Manufacturer Chinese Mint
38.37 USD
In Stock

Chinese Panda silver 30 gram coin.

2018 is the first year that the Chinese mint have produced the Panda series of coins in grams instead of in ounces. The silver Chinese panda comes in 30 gram size.

Each coin features the image of a Chiense Panda bear on a piece of bamboo in a bamboo forest. The coin's face value of 10 Yuan is also imprinted on the coin.

All Chinese Panda silver coins contain 999 fine investment grade silver bullion.

The Chinese Mint also produce the Chinese Panda coin in gold, in 1 gram, 3 gram, 8 gram, 15 gram and 30 gram sizes.

The silver Chinese Panda coin is available for VAT-free Swiss storage or delivery.

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