Monster Box - 2020 Silver Philharmonics

Weight 15552.500 Grams / 500.024 Oz
Serial Number No
Condition Circulated
Manufacturer Austrian Mint
16157.32 USD
In Stock

Monster box of Austrian Philharmonic silver bullion coins.

Brand new, 2020 silver Austrian Phlharmonics - Brilliant uncirculated condition.

Each box contains 25 tubes of 20 coins, in packaging direcly from the Austrian MInt.

Total of 500 coins. These monster boxes are very popular with silver investors looking to buy larger amounts of silver coins.

The Austrian Philharmonic silver coins feature images of the Vienna Philharmonic instruments on them, and each coin has a face value of €1.50.

The Austrian Philharmonic coin series is available from the Austrian Mint in gold, silver and platinum.

Monster boxes of silver philharmonics are available from for VAT-free Swiss storage or delivery.

Buy the Monster Box-2020 Silver Philharmonics

Silver philharmonics are one of the most preferred precious metal investments in European countries. Most investors have linked the popularity of the silver philharmonics coins to the association with the Symphony Orchestra in Vienna, Austria. The city is known to have nurtured many great talents in classical music such as Ludwig van Beethoven and Joseph Hydn. Apart from the rich history, the 2020 silver philharmonics coins are also popular among investors because of their level of purity.

The coins were pioneered in Europe during the 2008 great recession that swept across the entire continent. Nevertheless, the silver philharmonics defied the recession to become the best-selling silver bullion. Philharmonic coins sold more than 50 million pieces within five years from the time the coins were released. The Silver Philharmonics Monster Box comes with 500 silver coins sold at a wholesale price. This makes the monster box suitable for investors interested in buying larger amounts of silver.

The Features of the Monster Box-2020 Silver Philharmonics

  • The Monster Box comes with 500 silver Philharmonic coins.
  • The Austrian Mint packs the coins into 25 tubes with each tube carrying 20 coins.
  • The coins each contain 1 Ounce of .999 pure silver, and are in uncirculated condition.
  • The front of the coin is inscribed with the Great Organ of the Golden Hall and a face value of €1.50.
  • The back of the coin feature Vienna Philharmonic instruments such as the cello, harp, violin, bassoon and the Vienna horn.
  • The Austrian Mint guarantees the coins.
  • Investors interested in purchasing silver in large quantities prefer the Monster Box.
  • The Monster Box comes from the with a VAT-free storage in Switzerland or the option to have the box delivered.

Austrian Silver Philharmonics were the first coins not made from silver from the Austrian Mint. The first gold Philharmonics from the Austrian Mint were released in 1989. More than 7.773 million coins sold within the first year they were made. In 2011, 17.783 million coins were sold and this was the largest number of the silver coins ever sold.

The Great Organ featured on the front side of the coin is the permanent sign of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra also called Musikverein. The backside of the coin features different types of instruments used in the orchestra such as the flute, harp, four violins, a flute, and bassoon.

The 2020 Silver Philharmonic coins are good uncirculated condition and are packed in monster boxes. Buying the monster box gives investors a number of benefits that include:

  • The guarantee of the weight and purity of the silver coins by the Austrian Mint.
  • A large number of the coins were produced, meaning that the present premium price is relatively low. This gives an advantage to investors interested in buying the precious metal in large quantities.  

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