100 Gram PAMP Fortuna Gold Bar

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6,600.91 USD

Weight 100.000 Grams / 3.215 Oz
Serial Number Yes
Packaging Certicard
Manufacturer PAMP


Buy the 100-Gram PAMP Fortuna Gold Bar

PAMP Suisse is one of the world's leading precious metal refineries. PAMP Suisse produces the renowned 100-gram PAMP Fortuna Gold Bar, which depicts Lady Fortuna, the Roman goddess of Fortune.

Recently PAMP Suisse introduced 'Veriscan' technology to help protect their Fortuna gold bars. This technology uses a microscopic topography to create a form of fingerprints in the gold bar. This helps to ensure the integrity of the bars, and is available on some of the newer Fortuna gold bars.

Every Fortuna gold bar contains 100 grams of 99.99 percent pure gold. This makes them an excellent investment for people interested in adding a significant amount of pure gold to their physical assets.

The Features of the 100 Gram PAMP Fortune Gold Bar

  • The gold bar contains 100 grams or 3.215 Oz of. 9999 pure gold.
  • The gold bar features the image of the Roman goddess of fortune “Lady Fortuna” on the front.
  • The backside of each gold bar features the PAMP logo alongside the weight of the bar, the value for fineness, and the serial number.
  • PAMP, one of the largest precious metal refiners in Switzerland, manufactures the beautiful Fortuna gold bar.
  • The 100 gram gold bars come sealed in individual certicard that protects the bar from damage.   
  • The gold bars are shipped together with a tamper-evident assay cards to guarantee purity and weight.
  • Investors can either have the bars shipped to them or stored in Swiss vault storage.

The PAMP Fortuna gold bars are popular among investors because of their low margin over spot, beautiful design, and reputation worldwide.

The 100-gram PAMP Suisse gold bars are not only an excellent investment opportunity for individuals looking to diversify their portfolio into precious metals. Gold bars can act as an effective buffer against inflation. In addition, the low premium over spot and high purity level of Suisse gold bars makes them an excellent choice for investors.

PAMP Suisse produces the Fortuna gold bars in different weights from 1 gram to 1 kilogram. Regardless of weight, all the Fortuna gold bars have the same design and fineness.

The Benefits of Buying the 100 Gram Suisse Gold Bar  

  • Investing in large gold bars such as the 100-gram PAMP Fortuna gold bar has proven to an effective method of shielding investments from inflation throughout history. Gold prices tend to go up even when the prices of stocks decline.
  • 100 gram gold bars can be purchased in larger quantities and sold incrementally. THis allows investors the flexibility to liquidate partial positions if they wish. 
  • The premium investors incur in buying large gold bars is less compared to the cost they incur when buying in small quantities, for example, gold coins.
  • Buying the PAMP Fortuna gold bar enables investors to diversify and protect their portfolios. When the values of other securities decline, gold has tended  to move in the opposite direction.

PAMP 100 Gram Lady Fortuna gold bars are available for worldwide delivery or for VAT exempt Swiss storage in Zurich.

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