100 Gram Heraeus Palladium Bullion Bar

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Brand new Heraeus 100 Gram Palladium bullion bars. Each bar comes individually sealed in its own blister pack. Heraeus Palladium bullion bars contain 9995 fine Palladium bullion. Each bar contains the Heraeus logo on the front, with the weight, fineness and metail inscribed around the logo.

Though a relatively new investment opportunity for precius metals enthusiasts, palladium bullion as an investment is a solid and growing market. Palladium is far rarer than gold or silver, and located in only several places on earth, primarily in Russia and South Africa. Additionally, the demand for palladium in industrial uses, such as in the automotive industry, keeps the metal at a healthy price. Many investors that traditionally have only purchased gold and silver bullion are now adding both platinum and palladium into their portfolios.

Heraeus palladium bars are available from SwissBullion.eu in a range of sizes, from 1 gram to 1 kilogram. Heraeus products are also available in gold, silver and platinum.

Buy The 100 Gram Heraeus Palladium Bar to Diversify Your Precious Metal Portfolio

Palladium was discovered accidentally by the English physicist and chemist William Hyde Wallaston in 1803. The scientist was processing platinum ores when he made the discovery.

Palladium has become one of the most valued precious metals because of its chemical properties. The metal is used in the automotive industry and in making jewelry and watches. Investors prefer palladium because its rare and offers the best alternative to silver and gold. Buying the 100-gram Heraeus palladium bar enable investors to diversify their precious metal portfolio with a rare, valuable metal.

The Features of the 100 Gram Heraeus Palladium Bar

  • The bar contains 100 grams of high-quality palladium with a fineness level of .9995.
  • The bar is a product of the Swiss Mint Argor-Heraeus.
  • The front of the bar is inscribed with the weight, fineness level, manufacturer’s mark and country of origin.
  • The back of the bar is decorated with the engravings of the manufacturer’s logo.
  • Bars come sealed in plastic capsules.   

Apart from palladium bar Heraeus also produces gold and silver bars. The precious bars are available in different sizes from 100 grams bars to 1kg bars. Palladium is a rare valuable metal because the mines are very few. Relatively large deposits of the metal were found in river sediments, but these have run out. Palladium is currently extracted from nickel ores. Investing in the 100-gram Heraeus palladium bar gives you the opportunity to own a rare precious metal.

The 100 gram Heraeus palladium bar is available from SwissBullion.eu for VAT-free Swiss storage or for delivery.

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