10 Ounce RCM Silver Bar

Weight 311.050 Grams / 10.000 Oz
Serial Number Yes
Manufacturer Royal Canadian Mint
322.20 USD
4 Week Delivery

10 Oz RCM Silver Bar

Each bar contains the RCM logo along with the weight, fineness, metal and serial number on the front. The reverse of the bar contains a repeating maple leaf logo. All silver bars produced by the Royal Canadian Mint are 9999 fine silver.

The Royal Canadian Mint is most famous for the production of the Maple Leaf coin, available in gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

The Royal Canadian Mint manufacture a silver bar for investors in 10 Ounce and 100 Ounce sizes. The 10 Ounce size is popular with individuals looking to buy silver bars in smaller quantities, or those who simply prefer to hold their silver in smaller denominations.

This item is available to clients worldwide for VAT-free Swiss storage.

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