1 Ounce 2021 Silver British Britannia Coin

Weight 31.104 Grams / 1.000 Oz
Serial Number No
Condition Uncirculated
Packaging Plastic Slip
Manufacturer Royal Mint
32.73 USD
4 Week Delivery

Beautiful 1 Ounce 2021 Britannia Silver Coins produced by the British Royal Mint.

Each silver Britannia coin contains 999 fine investment-grade silver bullion.

Each coin features Queen Elizabeth II on the front, with the coin's face value of 2 GBP.

The reverse of the coin features lady liberty carrying a trident and shield. The weight, fineness and year of minting are also located on the reverse of the coin. These 2021 silver Britannias are in BU condition.

The British Britannia series of coins are available in gold and in silver. In addition to the British Britannia series, the Royal Mint also produce the British Sovereign, available in gold, and the Queen's Beasts series, which is available in gold, silver and platinum.

Buy The 1 Ounce 2021 Silver Britannia Coin

The Silver Britannia gold coin is made in the same design as the Gold Britannia coin produced in 1987. Sculptor Philip Nathan’s design shows the courage of the British people. In the design, Britannia is standing against a strong wind while holding a trident on her right hand and a shield on her left. The shield she is holding shows the Union Jack which is a symbol of the English naval might.

After the success of the gold Britannia coin, the royal mint started producing 1 Oz silver Britannia coin in 1997. In this first year, a small number of coins were issued as proof that the Royal Mint was producing silver coins. Over the years, the content of fine silver in the coins has gone up. For instance, in 1998-2012 the silver coin that was minted had a fineness of .958. However, Britannia silver coins minted from 2013 had a fineness level of .999.

The Features 1 Ounce 2021 Silver Britannia Coin

  • The 2021 Silver Britannia coins contain 1 oz of .999 pure silver in brilliant uncirculated condition.
  • The coins have a face value of 2 GBP and they are backed by the British government.
  • The coins are shipped and stored inside plastic flips. Large orders arrive in tubes containing 25 coins or boxes of 500 coins.
  • The release of the 2021 marked the 24th anniversary since the Royal Mint released the first coins.
  • The silver Britannia coin bears the image of Queen Elizabeth II on the front.
  • The back features Lady Britannia as she guards the South coast.

The Britannia designed on the back of the 2021 1-ounce silver Britannia coin was done by Philip Nathan. The image of Queen Elizabeth inscribed on the front was done by Jody Clark. Queen Elizabeth II has been the queen of England since 1952 and the effigy by Clark is the fifth one to be featured on the coin. The effigy shows the queen in a right-profile wearing the Royal Diadem crown. The Britannia design by Nathan was chosen to appear on the silver Britannia coin by the Royal Mint after the contest to find the perfect design was held.

Why Buy The 2021 Silver Britannia Coin

  • The 2021 silver Britannia coin is .999 fine with an attractive design, which makes the coins popular with investors and collectors.
  • The Royal Mint guarantees the weight and the purity level of the silver coin.
  • The UK government guarantee the silver Britannia coin as a legal tender. In fact, the 1 ounce 2021 silver coin is the largest and purest legal tender. Hence, it is exempted from the capital gain tax.

The silver British Britannia coin is available for VAT-free Swiss storage or delivery.

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