1 Ounce Swiss Refined Platinum Bar

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Buy the 1 Ounce Swiss Refined Platinum Bar

Platinum bars are a popular way for precious metals enthusiasts to invest in physical platinum bullion. Swiss Platinum bars are popular among investors because they are widely recognised and are manufactured to an exceptional standard.

Swiss Refined platinum bars are manufactured by one of four major precious metals refineries - Argor-Heraeus, PAMP, Valcambi or Metalor. Credit Suisse and UBS branded platinum bars are also manufactured by the major Swiss refineries on behalf of Switzerland's two most prominent banks. 

Features of the 1 Oz Swiss Refined Platinum Bar

  • Each bar contains 1 troy ounce of platinum to a minimum fineness of .999.
  • Individual bars ship in a protected assay package that indicates the weight and the sign of authentication buy the assayer. Large orders ship in multiples of 20 or 25 bars packed in boxes - this depends on the brand provided.
  • All platinum bars provided are approved by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) and approved by the LBMA, the LPPM and the COMEX. Based on their quality and their standard of manufactacturing.
  • Depending on the brand, bars may or may not be provided with serial numbers.
  • Some brands that may be supplied as 1 ounce Swiss refined platinum bars include:
    • The Credit Suisse
    • Argor Heraeus
    • Valcambi
    • UBS
    • PAMP
    • Metalor
  • Bars may be supplied in certicards or in plastic slips depending on the brand provided. 

The brand provided will depend on current stock availability.

Why Invest In The 1 Ounce Platinum Bars?

Platinum is a member of the platinum group metals (PGMs), and its production is scarce - annual platinum production worldwide is less than 1/100th that of gold. Furthermore, almost all platinum is mined in South Africa and Russia, making the metal's prices particularly susceptible to changes in conditions in these two economies. Platinum's main use is in the automotive industry - the metal is used to make catalytic converters. Catalytic converters currently account for 40% of platinum use.

The 1 Ounce Swiss refined Platinum bar meets all international standards for quality - these include those set by the COMEX, the LPPM and the Dubai Multicommodities Exchange. 

Swiss platinum bars are among the most popular with individuals looking to buy physical platinum bars - however, the most preferred brands include Credit Suisse, Valcambi, and PAMP.

Clients purchasing 1 Ounce Swiss refined platinum bars from Swiss Bullion are able to select to store their purchase VAT-exempt in Zurich, Switzerland or request worldwide delivery. VAT-exempt storage is available free of charge for the first year, and clients using Swiss vault storage also qualify for favorable resell rates should they wish to sell their purchase back at a later date.

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