1 Ounce British Britannia Silver Coin

Weight 31.105 Grams / 1.000 Oz
Serial Number No
Condition Circulated
Packaging Plastic Slip
Manufacturer Royal Mint
29.36 USD
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1 Ounce Silver British Britannia Coin - Produced by the Royal Mint.

Each coin features an image of Queen Elizabeth II on the front, with the coin's face value located at the bottom. The 1 Ounce British Britannia coin has a face value of £2.

The reverse of the coin features an image of Lady Britannia carrying a trident in one hand, with an olive branch and a shield in the other. Written around the coin are its weight, fineness and year of minting.

Buy the 1 Oz Silver Britannia Coins

The 1 Oz silver Britannia coin is a product of the Royal Mint. Each coin weighs 31.1035 grams and contains .999 fine silver. These coins are legal tender in the UK, therefore exempted from the capital gain tax. The random year 1 Oz silver Britannia coins come in new brilliant uncirculated condition. Every year silver Britannia coins features a different design on the back. The front of the coins bears the image of lady Britannia, the personification of the British Isles. Her image appeared on the coins for the first time during the reign of the Roman emperor Hadrian.

Features of the Mixed Year 1 Oz Silver Britannia Coins

  • The 1-ounce silver coins produced before 2013 are .958 fine. Coins issued in 2013 are .999. fine.
  • In spite of the variation in fineness levels each coin contains 1 0z (31.1035 grams) fine silver.
  • The coins are shipped in protective packaging from the Royal Mint.
  • The front bears an effigy of queen Elizabeth II.
  • The back is inscribed with the legendary image of Britannia.
  • The British government guarantees the coin.
  • The 1 Oz silver Britannia is legal tender and exempt from CGT in the UK.
  • The UK government guarantees the purity and the weight of the coins.
  • The silver Britannia coins have a face value of £2 (GBP).

Individual coins come in plastic capsules if you make the order. Small quantities are shipped in plastic flips, while multiple of 25 coins come in Royal Mint Tubes. Large orders of 500 coins are shipped in sealed monster boxes.

Silver coins are popular among investors and collectors for decades because of the value and beauty they offer. Britannia coins are among the most preferred because they are affordable with high levels of purity. Britannia coin series are the most popular among investors in the UK for different reasons. The coins are respected, competitively priced, exempted from CGT and don’t depreciate in production value over time. Britannia coins are popular and traded both in private and mainstream markets. This makes the coins ridiculously easy to sell when you need to liquidate.

The aesthetical appeal and the history of the Britannia coin series also makes them a popular option among investors and collectors. Lady Britannia appeared for the first time on Britannia coins in 1672. From this year onwards, lady Britannia has appeared on pennies issued by all the monarchs from 1797. Over the years, the Britannia design was changed to include maritime features. The spear she held was changed into a trident.

The Britannia coin series is available in gold and in silver. The Royal Mint also produce the British Sovereign coin, which is available in gold, and the Queen's Beasts series, which is available in gold, silver and in platinum.

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