1 Ounce Platinum Coin - Brand of our Choice

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1 Ounce Platinum Coins, 999+ Fine

Each coin is guaranteed to contain at least 1 troy ounce of 999+ fine investment grade platinum bullion. The platinum coins supplied will be based upon current inventory, and therefore the design and style of the coin will vary. 

However, all coins supplied are manufactured by official government mints. Some samples of brands supplied include:

  • Canadian Maple Leafs
  • American Eagles
  • Austrian Philharmonics
  • British Britannias
  • British Royal Coat of Arms
  • Australian Kangaroos
  • Or others...

Buying Platinum Coins as an Investment

Platinum's popularity as an investment has continued to grow over the last several decades. Platinum is much rarer than gold, and almost all platinum is mined in only three countries - Russia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. This makes the metal's price extremely sensitive to economic and political conditions in those countries. Changes in demand for the metal also have a large impact on its price.

Platinum's demand, particularly over the last decade, has continued to grow. The metal is used in catalytic converters for automobiles, and it is critical in reducing harmful emissions. Therefore, demand for platinum is likely to continue to grow.

Why Should I Buy Platinum Coins?

When it comes to investing, one reason that precious metals are so popular is that the investment is physical. You are buying an item that you can hold, and that you can physically store. Platinum investors often consider the options of bars versus coins. For many investors, coins are preferred, and this is evident by the number of mints worldwide now issuing official platinum coins. Platinum coins, although slightly more expensive than platinum bars, are backed by an official government, and have a legal tender value. This makes the coins very easy to identify when reselling, and it also can have tax benefits. Furthermore, some platinum coins tend to accrue collectible, or numismatic, status over time. This means that the coins can appreciate beyond there platinum valeu in some circumstances.

Buying Platinum Coins from SwissBullion.eu

SwissBullion.eu sells platinum coins for worldwide delivery or secure VAT-free storage in Switzerland. Payment is accepted in 20 currencies, and these include EUR, CHF, USD, GBP and many more. Cryptocurrencies are also accepted. For further questions, please contact us. 

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