1 Ounce of Silver - VAT-Free Storage

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Our most competitively priced silver.

All silver is 999+ investment grade silver

Buying Stored Silver - Purchase and Store Silver with Ease

SwissBullion.eu sells silver bars or coins at a reduced premium for clients who are buying silver with the intention of leaving their physical silver bars and coins in storage. These storage-only 1 ounce silver products are available at very low premiums to investors worldwide. They are an excellent option for investors looking to buy silver as an investment. Silver allocated will be based solely upon current excess inventory in storage. 

How it Works:

Clients of SwissBullion.eu can purchase physical silver at competitve rates based upon excess inventory located in the vaults. This silver is available for storage only.

Clients may then sell silver bars back to SwissBullion.eu at a later date. This highly reduced premium for silver bars or coins allows clients to reduce the spread on their silver purchases, potentially increasing their profits.

In the event a client's circumstances change and he or she would prefer to arrange delivery of their silver bars this can be arrange for an additional fee. The additional fee includes the difference in premium between our silver bars for delivery and these storage-only bars.

Why invest in low-premium one ounce silver?

Investors looking to purchase silver will achieve the best possible price by purchasing our storage-only investment silver bars and coins. The coins supplied are based upon our current stock availability, and specific brands cannot be requested. By purchasing silver based upon stock availability, clients benefit from lower premiums, which in turn benefits their return on investment. 

Why invest in silver?

Silver's recent volatility in price (ranging from $8 - $40 USD over the last decade) has made it a hugely popular investment option for individuals looking for alternatives to the stock market or other, more traditional investing options. Silver has a number of industrial applications, including medical equipment, technology infrastructure and solar energy products. These industries are likely to grow, creating a steady demand for the metal over time.

For many investors, silver is far more attractive than gold, as it can be purchased in smaller increments and is more versatile. 

Buying silver from SwissBullion.eu

This silver product is available for VAT-exempt storage. Silver may be purchased using any of 15 currencies, and 5 cryptocurrencies. Some currencies include USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, NOK, SEK and AED. Accepted cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. SwissBullion.eu also offers worldwide delivery on a range of other silver bars and coins. 

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