2022 Perth Mint 1 Ounce Lunar Year of the Tiger Gold Coin

Weight 31.104 Grams / 1.000 Oz
Serial Number No
Condition Uncirculated
Packaging Capsule
Manufacturer Perth Mint
1834.56 USD
Out of Stock

These 2022 Perth Mint 1 ounce gold coins are a product of Australia and belong to the Lunar Series III collection. The 2022 version is now available and was released to commemorate the year of the Tiger. The gold coin has a distinctive design that will also appear on the 2022 platinum bullion coins. If you’re planning to buy gold coins, buy lunar tiger gold coins to have a high-quality investment.

The Feature Of the Perth Mint 1 Ounce Gold Tiger Coin 

  • The coins contain 1 troy Oz of gold that is .9999 pure in brilliant uncirculated condition.
  • The 1-ounce gold tiger coins have a face value of $100 (AUD) and are backed by the Australian government.
  • The front of the coin bears the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • The back of the coin features an image of a tiger marking his territory on a rocky outcrop.
  • The coin was designed by Monique Reeves.
  • The design includes a micro-laser inscribed on the back for security reasons.

The coins were first issued in 1995 and are currently in their third series produced along with the Austrian Lunar Coin series. The coins were produced in commemoration of the ancient Chinese lunar zodiac. The coins come in sequences of annual designs inscribed with the images of various animals, including a dragon, rabbit, ox, snake and rooster.

The 2022 1 ounce tiger coin features symbolize determination, courage, charm, and confidence. The image of Queen Elizabeth II is inscribed on the front of the coin in the right profile. The back of the 2022 1 Oz gold lunar tiger coins has a new design. The best option to buy gold coins is to buy lunar tiger gold coins.

The Perth Mint is famous for its wide range of bullion coins, and they also produce the Kangaroo series, which is available in gold, silver and platinum. These feature a different image of a red Kangaroo on the front of each coin which is also updated annually. Perth Mint bullion is recognised around the world, and their coins are coveted due to the regularly updated designs. It is for this reason that many investors also like to collect Perth Mint gold coins. 

Coins are available for delivery and storage. 

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