1 Ounce 2021 Platinum Kangaroo Coin

Weight 31.105 Grams / 1.000 Oz
Serial Number No
Condition Uncirculated
Packaging Capsule
Manufacturer Perth Mint
1430.47 USD
2 Week Delivery

Brand new 1 Ounce platinum Kangaroo coin, released by the Perth Mint in Australia.

2020 is the second year that the Kangaroo coin has been available in platinum to precious metals investors.

The Perth Mint Kangaroo coin series was first introduced in gold only. However, the series has grown increasingly popular among gold and silver investors, and in 2016, the Perth Mint released the Kangaroo coin in silver also.  In 2018, the Perth mint released the Platinum Kangaroo coin, available in 1 Oz size. This is the third platinum coin produced by the Perth Mint. The Platinum Emu coin was discontinued, however, the Platinum Platypus coin is still available to precious metals investors.

Each 1 Oz platinum Kangaroo coin features an image of a Kangaroo in the center, with the year, fineness and weight of the metal surrounding it. Each coin contains 99.95% investment grade platinum bullion. 

The platinum Kangaroo coin has a face value of $100 AUD.

Buy The 1 Oz 2020 Platinum Kangaroo Coin

The kangaroo is considered by most people as the iconic symbol of Australia. The kangaroo design engraved on the coin was design by Stuart Delvin. Perth Mint has used this design on coins from early 90s. The iconic design features a red kangaroo that happens to be the largest member of the kangaroo family.

The Perth Mint was opened in 1899 as part of the three branches of the British Mint in Australia. However, in 1970 the Perth Mint was placed under the jurisdiction of the Australian government. Up to date, the Perth Mint is one of the three original Royal Mint branches that is still in operation.

The 2020 kangaroo platinum kangaroo coin features the iconic queen Elizabeth II effigy as done by Jody Clark. The effigy is inscribed in the front of the coin alongside the words “Elizabeth II Australia.” The face value of the coin which is $100 is also inscribed in the front.

The Feature The 1 Oz 2020 Platinum Kangaroo Coin

  • The coin contains 1 troy Oz .9995 of platinum in brilliant uncirculated condition.
  • The coin ship in protective acrylic slips. Large order come in rolls of 20 or monster boxes of 100 coins.
  • The 2020 platinum kangaroo series marks the 3rd release of the Australian platinum coins.
  • The platinum kangaroo coin has a face value of $100 (AUD) and fully guaranteed by the Australian government.
  • The front of the coin bears an image of Queen Elizabeth II in right-profile portrait.
  • The back of the coin features a leaping kangaroo which is an iconic image of Australia.

The platinum kangaroo coin was included in the Australian kangaroo series in 2018. This came after the introduction of silver kangaroo coin with a purity level of .9999 in 2016. This was the first time Perth Mint was producing platinum coins with such a high purity level. All the 2020 1-ounce Australian platinum kangaroo coins in the market are in brilliant uncirculated condition.

The Perth Mint is the oldest mint in Australia and the biggest and second producers of gold bars in the globe. The plant has the capacity to process more than 700 tons of gold annually. The Mint is one of the most efficient refineries in the world. Furthermore, the Perth Mint is part of the prestigious group gold refining companies that is accredited with five main gold exchange.

Investors and collectors worldwide trust Perth Mint products because they meet the highest standards in terms of weight and purity. The kangaroo series was released for the first time in 1986, but the initial release were made of gold nugget coins.

The Perth Mint produce a number of other, highly popular coins, including the silver Kookaburra, the silver Koala, and the platinum Platypus. The Kangaroo is the most popular coin sold by the Perth Mint, and is available in gold, silver and platinum.

In addition to the platinum coins produced by the Perth Mint, there are a number of other platinum coins currently available that are also popular with precious metals investos, including the platinum American Eagle, platinum Maple Leaf and platinum Philharmonic.

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