1 Ounce 2020 Silver Kookaburra Coin

Weight 31.105 Grams / 1.000 Oz
Serial Number No
Condition Uncirculated
Packaging Capsule
Manufacturer Perth Mint
33.71 USD
Out of Stock

Buy the 1 Ounce 2020 Silver Kookaburra Coin

The 1-Ounce Silver Kookaburra coin is the oldest series of coins produced by the Perth Mint of Australia. The coin was launched in 1990, and it features a Kookaburra, a species of the kingfisher bird.

Perth Mint made several changes to the Silver Kookaburra coin is the subsequent years. This version is the newest version - the 1 Ounce 2020 Silver Kookaburra coin. Read on to find out the features that make it attractive to invest in the coin.

The Features of the 1 Ounce 2020 Silver Kookaburra Coin

  • The 1-ounce 2020 silver kookaburra is a product of the Perth Mint, Australia.
  • The coin contains 1 Oz of silver with a finer level of .9999.
  • The coins are packed individually in a plastic capsule. For large orders, the coin is shipped in multiples of 20 coins sealed in rolls, or multiple of 250 fitted in a sealed box.
  • The silver coin has a mintage cap limit of 500,000 coins.
  • The front side of the coin features an effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
  • The backside has an image of a Kookaburra resting on a tree branch.
  • The Australian government backs the Kookaburra silver coin.
  • 2020 Silver Kookaburra coins are sold in brilliant, uncirculated condition.

Why You Should Invest In the Kookaburra Silver Coin

The 2020 silver Kookaburra coin has a very attractive design. Moreover, the number of the Kookaburra coins available is limited. This makes the coin a collectible item with vast potential. Generally, Kookburra coins tend to appreciate in value above the spot metal price over time. 

The pioneering Kookaburra series coins were minted in 1990, and the coin is the longest-running silver coin produced by the Perth Mint. Every year, the design of the Kookaburra printed on the coin is modified.

The 2019 Kookaburra coin is the first one carrying the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II as portrayed by Jody Clark.

The Kookaburra bird printed on the coin is the biggest member of kingfisher species, which is associated with the Australian bush. The Kookaburra is famous for their call that is said to mimic human laughter. The coin design captures the landscape and the spirit of Australia.

The Western Australian government has authorized the Kookaburra silver coin as legal tender for almost 30 years. The coins have a face value of $1AUD.

The Perth Mint is the largest and oldest producer of precious metal coins in Australia and this makes its products like the Kookaburra coins a favorite among investors. The mint has a capacity to produce more than 700 tons of precious metal per year. This makes it one of the most productive refineries in the world today.

Investors who purchase the 1 Oz silver Kookaburra coin, receive it in a personalized protective packaging. Each coin is supplied in its own plastic capsule. Large orders of 20 or more coins are shipped in plastic wrapping, and orders of 250 coins are transported in monster boxes issued by the Perth Mint.  

The Silver Kookaburra coin series is available for worldwide delivery or for VAT- exempt Swiss storage. All silver coins placed in storage are VAT-exempt until the client takes delivery. In the event that clients sell their holdings back Swiss Bullion prior to taking delivery, then no VAT is ever payable. Avoiding the VAT helps clients to achieve a higher return on their silver investments. 

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