1 Kilogram Gold Bar

Weight 1000.000 Grams / 32.151 Oz
Serial Number Yes
57845.00 USD
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Buy 1 Kilogram Low Premium Gold Bars

Purchasing LBMA approved low margin gold bars is a secure way of owning physical gold at a lower price per ounce. All 1 kilogram (kg) gold bars available here for sale have a minimum fineness of .999, which classifies them as investment grade gold bullion. 1 Kilogram low premium gold bars are supplied from different LBMA approved manufacturers including PAMP, Metalor and Heraeus.

These 1 kilo gold bars meet industry standards, including those of the COMEX, LBMA and SNB. Moreover, all the bars are recognized by major dealers across the world and retain their value, regardless the year the bar was minted.

The Features of the 1 Kilogram Low Premium Gold Bars

  • The 1 kilo gold bars have a minimum fineness level of .999.
  • The bars are  produced as either cast (poured) or minted (extruded) bars.
  • The look and feel of the 1 kilo gold bar may vary because they are manufactured by different refineries.
  • The bars may or may not be inscribed with a serial number depending on the manufacturer.
  • The bars are an excellent option for investors interested in buying gold in large quantities at a low premium
  • Investors have the option of storing the gold bars in our Swiss vault after purchase.

Why Buy the 1 Kilo Gold Bars

  • The 1 kilo gold bars are popular among investors interested in adding precious metals to their portfolio and buyers looking for an opportunity to store value.
  • The low premium associated with the 1 KG gold bar allows investors to see a profit more quickly, as these bars sell for a minimum markup over the spot metal price.
  • The size of the 1 kilogram gold bar is convenient and its premium is affordable - this size bar is popular in the international precious metals market, which increases the liquidity of the bar (making it easier to sell the bar at a later date).
  • Investors who buy the 1 kilogram gold bar benefit from the slightly lower premiums charged compared to smaller-sized bars, for example, 1 Oz gold bars.

Investors who purchase gold bars in large quantities such as the 1 kilo gold bar benefit from lower prices per unit. Most investors keep their precious gold bars in a secure storage after purchase, as bars can easily be sold back at a later date, and at a favorable rate.

Investors interested in gold bars may also opt for the 10 Oz gold bar or 100 gram gold bar if they prefer to purchase gold bars in smaller denominations.

Long term investors are advised to mix their precious metal holdings by purchasing both large and small gold bars. This ensures low premiums and allows investors to liquidate precious metals positions incrementally.

All 1 Kilogram gold bars are available for worldwide delivery or for storage located in Zurich, Switzerland. Swiss vault storage is free for the first year of storage. Clients placing goods into storage may select to sell their goods back to SwissBullion.eu at any time at favorable rates. Goods may also be shipped from storage at any time. 

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