1/2 Ounce 2022 British Britannia Gold Coin

SKU 61b23aa746601
Weight 15.552 Grams / 0.500 Oz
Serial Number No
Condition Uncirculated
Packaging Plastic Slip
Manufacturer Royal Mint
952.15 USD
2 Week Delivery

The ½ ounce 2022 gold Britannia is a bullion coin with a classic design. The front of the coin features the image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The queen is depicted wearing the official state crown. The name of the queen and the face value alongside the words D.G.REG.FED is also inscribed on the front.

The reverse bears the image of lady liberty holding a trident on her left hand and a shield with the Union Jack on her left. The weight, finer level, and the year of manufacture are also inscribed on the back.

The Features1/2 Oz 2022 Gold Britannia Coin

  • The coin contains ½ Oz of .9999 pure gold in brilliant uncirculated condition.
  • The obverse is inscribed with the image of Queen Elizabeth II as done by Jody Clark.
  • The reverse bears the image of the iconic of Lady Britannia going against the wind holding a trident.
  • ½ 2022 gold Britannia coin is a sovereign coin backed by the British government.

The 2022 gold Britannia coin includes four advanced security features:

  • A latent image of a padlock that changes to a trident when viewed from a different angle.
  • A surface animation that appears as moving waves in the background.
  • Micro-texts are engraved on the surface for decoration and protection.
  • The shield lady liberty is holding bears the union flag and it’s decorated with tincture lines.

Lady Britannia has appeared on British coins since the Roman era. In the 2022 edition, Lady Britannia is depicted leading the way. The 2022 gold Britannia coin includes four key security features that make it the most secure bullion coin in the world.

Coins are available for worldwide delivery and secure storage.

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