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Valcambi's Top 5 Products

21 Jun 2024 - Bars Home Page

Valcambi Suisse, one of Switzerland's most prominent precious metals refineries, manufactures a huge range of precious metals products for investors. From their beautiful, newly released Skyline combibar series to their more traditional minted gold bars, there is something for every investor. Here are the top 5 products from Valcambi that have consistently remained popular and impressed both customers and investors alike.

1. The 50 Gram Valcambi Combibar in Gold

The 50 gram Valcambi Combibar in gold is an innovative product that stands out for its unique design and concept. The gold bar is composed of 50 x 1 gram gold bars which can be broken down into 50 individual 1 gram pieces, making it an excellent choice for investors who value flexibility. Furthermore, the bar is designed to be roughly the same size as a credit card, fitting neatly into your wallet. These bars were released during the European financial crisis of 2011-2012, when investors were concerned about the future of the Euro. 

2. The 1 Ounce Valcambi Gold Bar

The 1 ounce Valcambi gold bar is a classic choice for those who want to invest in gold. This bar is renowned for its purity and craftsmanship, embodying the excellence that Valcambi Suisse is celebrated for. Each bar is stamped with its weight, purity, and the Valcambi logo, ensuring authenticity and quality. The 1 ounce bar is the most popular sized gold bar sold. The Valcambi minted 1 ounce gold bar comes sealed in its own orange certicard. These bars sell for a relatively low premium for their size, and are often bought by investors in large quantities. 

3. The 1 Ounce Valcambi Suisse Platinum Bar

For those looking to diversify their investments, the 1 ounce Valcambi Suisse platinum bar is an exceptional option. Platinum is a rare and valuable metal, and Valcambi’s platinum bars are among the best in the industry. These bars feature a similar design to the Valcambi gold bar, however they are sealed in a grey certicard. The Valcambi 1 ounce platinum bar is the most popular platinum bar sold by 

4. The Valcambi 100 Gram Combibar in Silver

Silver investors will appreciate the Valcambi 100 gram Combibar in silver. Similar to the gold Combibar, this product can be divided into smaller bars, in this case, 100 individual 1 gram pieces. There is also a version of the bar with 10 x 10 gram silver bars. As with the combibar in gold, these were released in 2011-2012 following the European financial crisis. The bars are designed to fit into a wallet and be used as currency in the event of financial collapse. 

5. The 1 Kilogram Valcambi Cast Silver Bar

Last but certainly not least, the 1 kilogram Valcambi cast silver bar is a popular choice for serious silver collectors. This silver bar offers excellent value, and can also be purchased VAT-free for storage, making it a cost-effective option for investors. The cast silver bar reflects Valcambi’s commitment to producing bullion that meets the highest standards of purity and craftsmanship. These bars are often purchased in lots of 10 or 20 and kept in storage VAT-free. 

What is Valcambi?

Valcambi is one of Switzerland’s top four precious metal refineries, with a rich history and a reputation for excellence. Established in 1961, Valcambi has grown to become a leading name in the refining industry, known for producing gold, silver, and platinum bars of exceptional quality. The company was initially a subsidiary of Credit Suisse, one of the world’s largest financial institutions. This partnership helped Valcambi establish itself as a trusted and reliable refiner. Today, Valcambi continues to uphold the highest standards of quality and precision, making it a preferred choice for investors worldwide.


Valcambi products are popular worldwide, and are known for their quality. Whether you're interested in gold, silver, or platinum, Valcambi manufactures a range of products that cater to every investor. At, we are pleased to provide these exceptional Valcambi gold and silver bars to our clients. Explore our collection today and make a valuable addition to your investment portfolio with Valcambi Suisse products.

Invest in excellence, invest in Valcambi.

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