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The most popular silver coins to invest in

The start of the year is perhaps the best time to evaluate your greatest investment opportunities. For silver coins, however, you can start anytime. Investing in Silver is considered to be a safer bet as it guards your money against instabilities in the market. That is, it is regarded as almost more valuable than gold. This is because of the fact that the value of gold is inversely related to the stock market. If the stock market is doing well, the value of gold will fall and vice versa. Silver, on the other hand, does not get affected as adversely by the performance of the stock market. Therefore, smart investors often convert their cash into precious metals like silver before an anticipated downfall of the market.

When you’re new to the world of investment, the whole process might seem scar and whoever you ask for help or some advice, gives you examples of their own experience. The truth is, there is really no tone rule of success behind investment. You have to go with your gut and just take the risk.

 Once you do decide what you want to invest in and the answer is silver, it can be a daunting task to decide what type of coins to buy. There are endless choices in the market with all of them having their pros and cons. We have compiled a list for you consisting of the most popular and beneficial types of silver coins to invest in.

Silver American Eagles

The silver American eagle is the most popular coin in the United States and is also the official coin recognized by the U.S government. Moreover, its weight, content and purity are fully guaranteed by the US government making it one of the safest choices you have. Furthermore, it is one of the most liquid forms of bullion which enjoys amazing tax advantages. There is really no parallel to Silver American Eagle Coins when it comes to investment in silver.

Silver Britannias

Silver Britannia coins have also made their way up on the popularity and high recognition table because of the backing of their state. The coin is given a great deal of respect and is one of the most liquid choices when investing your money in the United Kingdom. There is always special value associated with coins of British background in the United States as well because British Silver was the standard for currency in the US for many years in its history.

Silver Maple Leafs

Similar in popularity and recognition to the American Eagle, the Maple leaf is the official coin of the country of Canada and has risen in popularity over recent years. It has been a staple of the coin collecting fiasco since more than 25 years and is nowhere near reaching the peak of its popularity. It features the iconic maple leaf on one side and a picture of the Queen Elizabeth II on the other and a new version of its design is released almost every year.

Silver Philharmonics

The Austrian Silver Philharmonic is one coin that is considered to even beat the Canadian Maple leaf for its gorgeous design. The Philharmonic is also the only Silver coin that has been denominated in euros, with a legal tender value of €1.5. Despite their intricate design consisting of the Austrian Philharmonic Orchestra one side and the Golden Hall in Vienna on the other, the coin is considered to be of great value when branching into European coins. They also tend to have fairly reasonable premiums which are what makes them a good choice.

Silver Krugerrands

Despite being one of the more recent releases, the South African Krugerrand has quickly gained recognition because the design of the coin was used as a gold bullion specimen for over 50 years before its release. The silver coin was released in south Africa in the year 2017 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Gold Kruggerand. The release was immensely popular and it soon pushed the Sout African Mint to officially release the first-ever annual versions of the silver coins in 2018. That too, in BU condition.

Silver Chinese Pandas

Pandas are some of the most loved creature son the planet. Whenever there is news about how endangered they are as a species, people all over the world are saddened whereas whenever there’s a new baby panda being the world erupts in joy. Similar is the case with Silver Chinese Pandas. The entire world celebrates the release of a new panda coin. Similar to how rare and precious pandas are, the Chinese Silver Pandas are also released in limited numbers by the Chinese Government which is what makes them highly valuable to investors all across the globe.


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