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The Best Gold from Europe: Britannias or Philharmonics

15 Mar 2022 - Coins

Buying gold has always been popular as a store of value and hedge against uncertainty. But are there other reasons to invest in the yellow metal? Although the allure of investing in gold is primarily financial, it does also have an aesthetic appeal.

With the number of bullion mints and refineries worldwide, it can be difficult to select a brand to invest in. However, there are two primary coins minted in Europe that every investor should consider: the Britannia and Philharmonic gold coins from UK and Austria.

How Valuable Is the Britannia Gold Coin?

Britannia gold coins are massively popular in the UK. Aside from having a special heritage of being produced by the Royal Mint, which boosts its appeal among global investors, the Britannia gold coins have other noteworthy benefits. Most importantly, the Britannia coin has a legal tender position in the UK. This makes the coin exempt from capital gains tax. This specific factor makes the gold Britnnatina coin the first choice of gold coin for all UK residents. Tax exemption is extremely important to bullion investors, as any profits accumulated from gold coins up to £12,000 per tax year can be retained without paying CGT (capital gain tax).

Additionally, their mass production and large size, with intricate designs, make the Britannia gold coins highly appealing to buyers. Britain's history is reflected in the design of the coin. On the front side of the coin is an image of Queen Elizabeth II. The opposite side of the Britannia gold coin pays tribute to the period of Roman times. The Britannia coins have a finesse score of .999 pure gold, and different sizes are available from 1 oz to 1/10 oz gold. Due to the worldwide influence of the Royal Mint over the last century, their products are popular and coveted throughout the world.

The Austrian Philharmonics Gold Coin

First introduced in 1989, the Philharmonic gold series is a very unique bullion coin in Austria and Europe. The Philharmonic coins are also quite popular among investors worldwide.

Investors that are looking to buy gold Philharmonic coins know what makes this series valuable is the availability of range in sizes. The respective gold coins provide a range starting from 1 oz to  ½ oz, ¼ oz, 1/10 oz, and 1/25. Furthermore, the gold series was declared by the World Gold Council to be the best-selling gold coin on multiple occasions in the 90s.

The design of the Philharmonic gold coins is also elegant, reflecting the famous orchestra from Austria. The front side shows a print of the Great Organ which was used in the Musikverein, while the reverse side depicts a group of instruments which includes a violin, a cello, a harp, the Vienna horn, and a bassoon. The coins are of pure gold, with a finesse of .999 purity.

Wrap Up

If you are deciding whether to buy gold Britannias or Philharmonic coins, both are an excellent form of investment and can be easily obtained from Aside from their unique perspective on design, the Britannia and the Philharmonic gold coins poise an affordable investment in the bullion market and the European market.

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