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The American Gold St. Gauden Coin - Quick Stats

04 Apr 2019 - Quick Coin Facts

Quick Factsheet on the Liberty Gold Double Eagle Coin

The Double Eagle is one of the most historically relevant and valuable gold bullion coins issued by  the United States. Before the introduction of fiat currencies to the US economy, the double eagle was standard in the United States. The coins were authorised by an act of Congress passed in the 18th century in the year 1792 and were first minted in 1849. They are no longer produced.


The Liberty Gold Double Eagle Coin was first minted in 1849. 56 years before the first coin was minted, Congress authorized the naming of coins and subesquently named them. In 1849, Congress passed the coinage act 1849, officially paving way for the minting of the coins . The US Mint was responsible for minting the coins and they were minted from 1849 – 1907. These coins come in one size only.

Weights and denominations of the Liberty Gold Double Eagle Coin

The coin was minted in only one denomination with a nominal value of US$ 20. The coins were made using .9675 troy ounces of 90% pure, fine gold. A copper alloy was added to the coin to in addition to the gold, gives the coin a total weight of 1.0750 troy ounces. Before the coins were first minted in 1849, the highest denomination of Eagle Coins was the Gold Eagle with a value of $10.


Front Design of the Liberty Gold Double Eagle Coin

The front design of the Liberty Gold Double Eagle Coin was created by James Barton Longrace, the former chief engraver of the United States Mint. On the obverse side is an engraving of crouching Venus, a Hellenistic model of Venus, at her bath which was taken from a sculpture.  At the top of the coin is an inscribing that reads, “The United States of America” together with the coin’s face value of $20 on the bottom side.

Rear Design of the Liberty Gold Double Eagle Coin

Just like the front design of the Liberty Gold Double Eagle Coins, the rear design was done by James Barton Longrance. The design features an engraving the Great Seal of the United States. Behind the seal is a portrait of the Lady Liberty, which is the universal symbol of freedom in the United States. The portrait is facing the left and wearing a pearl crown with the words, “Liberty” inscribed on the crown. On the bottom is an engraving of the year of coinage.

Brief History on the Liberty Gold Double Eagle Coins

The Liberty Gold Double Eagle is part of the American Eagle family of coins. The coins were given their specific names in 1792 when an act of Congress was passed to that effect. In 1849, the Coinage Act of 1849 was passed giving the Liberty Gold Double Eagle Coins their official name. The first coin of the series was minted during the same year with the last of the coins minted in 1907. Two proof coins of the series were minted in 1849 as well. One of the coins is currently in the Smithsonian Institution, the other one was given to William M Meredith who was the US Treasury Secretary at the time. On his death, the coin was sold and its whereabouts are unknown.

Gold Content of the Coins

The Double Eagle Gold Coins contain .9675 troy ounces of 90% pure gold. The 90% gold is blended with copper giving the coins their dominant brownish color.

Other Specifications of the American Gold Double Eagle Coin

The coin comes in one denomination with a face value of US$ 20, a diameter of 34.1 mm, a thickness of 2.0 mm; they weigh 33.436 grams and have reeded edges.


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