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The 2024 British Britannia Series - Now Available

05 Oct 2023 - Coins Gold News Home Page

Swiss Bullion is excited to introduce the latest addition to the world of precious metals and numismatics: the 2024 Britannia coin series. Available in various weights and metals, including 1oz Silver, 1oz Gold, 1/4oz Gold, and 1/10oz Gold, these coins uphold the legacy of the Britannia series while paying homage to history with the distinctive effigy of King Charles III.

The 2024 Britannia Coin Design

At the core of these newly released Britannia coins lies their captivating design. The obverse side showcases a striking portrait of King Charles III, masterfully crafted by the talented artist Martin Jennings. This contemporary portrayal of the monarch exudes regality and captures the essence of the era. On the reverse side, one finds the timeless design by Philip Nathan, featuring the iconic figure of Britannia herself.

Britannia, symbolizing Britain's virtues of courage, strength, and peace, has transcended generations and remains an enduring emblem. This classic design adds a touch of magnificence to any coin collection, making Britannia coins more than just precious metal; they are a reflection of the nation's enduring spirit.

The History of Britannia Coins

The Britannia coins, minted by the Royal Mint since 1987 for gold and 1997 for silver, feature the iconic standing figure of Britannia, the female personification of Britain. Britannia's image first appeared on Roman coins in 43 AD.

These coins are available in both gold and silver versions, all containing one troy ounce of pure gold or silver. Prior to 2013, these coins were crafted in 22ct gold (91.67% purity) or 958 silver (95.8% purity). In 2013, the Royal Mint introduced the 24ct Fine Gold and 99.9 Fine Silver versions to commemorate the coin's 25th anniversary.

The recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II has led to a unique scenario for 2023, where two 1oz 2023 Britannia Coins are in circulation. The first bears the likeness of Queen Elizabeth II, while the second, set for release soon, features the inaugural appearance of King Charles III's effigy, designed by Martin Jennings.

Investing in Britannia Coins

Britannia coins have earned a prominent place in the world of collectibles and investments, particularly in the UK. Their intricate and detailed designs, coupled with high gold and silver content, and a rich history, have made them a favorite among both collectors and investors alike. But what makes Britannia coins such an attractive investment? Are they genuinely worth considering?

Are Britannia Coins a Good Investment?

Intrinsic Value:

One of the primary reasons for considering gold Britannia coins as an investment is their intrinsic value. Gold, more than silver, is widely regarded as a safe haven asset due to its historical ability to retain value over time. Gold coins are also VAT-free and carry lower relative premiums. Furthermore, gold exhibits a low correlation with other assets, making it a valuable diversification tool within investment portfolios that encompass stocks or bonds.

For instance, during periods marked by stock market declines due to economic downturns or geopolitical turmoil, gold prices tend to remain stable or even rise, driven by increased demand for precious metals as a secure investment. This stability renders gold an attractive option for investors seeking long-term returns with lower risk.

Capital Gains Tax-Free

Another appealing feature of investing in Britannia gold and silver coins is their exemption from Capital Gains Tax in the UK. This tax advantage enhances the appeal of these coins as an investment option.

Value Retention:

Additionally, Britannia coins boast a collectibility factor that can significantly increase their value over time, particularly if acquired from reputable dealers at fair prices. Holding onto your Britannia coins for an extended period may potentially allow you to sell them at a higher price than your initial investment.


In conclusion, investing in Britannia coins can be a sound decision, provided it is done with due diligence. It is advisable to conduct research into market trends before making a purchase and consider holding onto your assets for several years or more, capitalizing on favorable market conditions. The unique combination of collectability and investment potential makes Britannia coins an enticing choice for investors. As always, thorough research is crucial before making any investment decisions, ensuring that your hard-earned money is placed wisely. Britannia coins, with their rich history and enduring appeal, certainly deserve a place in the portfolios of collectors and investors alike.

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