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Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, and is owned by the Canadian Government. The Mint is responsible for producing all circulated coins in Canada, in addition to its series of precious metals coins and bars, the most prominent of which is the Maple Leaf series. 

Royal Canadian Mint History

Canada first began issuing its own currency in 1858, However, at this time all coinage was minted at the Royal Mint in London. Over the next 50 years, Canada's demands for coin currency increased, and in 1908 the Royal Canadian Mint was launched with the sole purpose of producing Canada's coinage. The Royal Canadian Mint is headquartered in Ottawa. 

It wasn't until 1979 that the Royal Canadian Mint started producing precious metals coins for retail investors. In 1979, the gold Maple Leaf coin was first introduced in the 1 ounce size only, and in 1988 Canada also introduced the Maple Leaf coin in silver. Today the Canadian Maple Leaf series is one of the most popular available to precious metals investors looking to buy gold or silver coins. The Royal Canadian Mint produces the series in gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

The Canadian Maple Leaf Series

The Royal Canadian Mint first launched the 1 Ounce Maple Leaf gold coin in 1979 to target the newly developed market of private and retail precious metals investors. It was around the late 1970's that individuals began looking to gold and silver bars and coins as a way to store value or wealth in addition to other, more mainstream investments. In 1982 the fractional (1/10 ounce, 1/4 ounce and 1/2 ounce) gold Maple Leaf coins were also introduced into the investment gold bullion market. 

These coins quickly became very popular in Canada and America. They continued to grow in popularity and today are well recognised worldwide. In 1988, in order to meet the increasing demand of the retail precious metals market, the Royal Canadian Mint introduced the Maple Leaf series in silver and platinum. The palladium Maple Leaf coin was introduced in 2005. 

The Royal Canadian Mint has always been at the forefront of the precious metals coin market, introducing new coins to meet new demands. In 2005 the 99999 fine 1 Ounce gold Maple Leaf coin was introduced. This coin is the purest gold coin currently available on the precious metals market, and is the only one like it on the market. 

In 2017, a small hologram shaped Maple Leaf was introduced onto the Maple Leaf gold coin in order to help guarantee authenticity. 

The Royal Canadian Mint has also issued a number of special edition series of 1 Ounce silver Maple Leaf coins. These include the Wildlife series and the Birds of Prey series.

Gold and Silver Bars

The Royal Canadian Mint is one of the few government mints to also issue a series of retail investment gold and silver bars, in addition to its coin series. The Royal Canadian Mint sell gold bars, in sizes including 1 Ounce and 1 Kilogram sizes. They also sell silver bars, including a 10 Ounce and 100 Ounce silver bars. The gold and silver bars that are manufactured by the Royal Canadian Mint are designed more towards individuals looking to buy gold and silver for investment purposes, as opposed to those building up collections. 


All Royal Canadian Mint gold bars are 9999 fine, and the silver bars are 999 fine. For a solid precious metals investment into bullion that is recognised worldwide and easy to trade, recommends products that have been released by the Royal Canadian Mint.