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Reasons to Buy Credit Suisse Gold Bars

13 Apr 2021 - Bars

Are you looking for prominent and well-respected investment products? Then consider investing in Credit Suisse gold bars. These bars are manufactured by one of the most renowned precious metals refineries in Switzerland, Valcambi. From 1 gram to 1 kilogram- these bars are available in all sizes to suit your needs. 

These gold bars are one of the most popular choices. What makes them so popular? Credit Suisse gold bars are well-known for their purity and quality. There are several reasons why Credit Suisse is one of the most popular brands of investment bullion bars. 

To start, Credit Suisse was the first retail bank to introduce investment sized bullion bars for its clients. To date, it is still a service that very few banks offer. The only other major bank to sell bullion products is UBS. Credit Suisse gold bars, launched in smaller sizes including 1 Ounce and 100 Grams. They were instantly popular with the bank's client in the 1980s, during a period when investing in physical bullion first became popular.

Credit Suisse gold bars can be bought in standard sizes. This makes it easier for clients to purchase a specific amount of gold, but also to buy gold incrementally. 

Credit Suisse maintains one of the best reputations worldwide when it comes to bullion products. Thus, by purchasing Credit Suisse gold bars, you are certainly guaranteeing that your are purchasing bullion of the highest standard.  

Another reason to buy Credit Suisse gold is its purity. Investing in these gold bars means that you are getting a minimum of 99.9% pure metal. All gold bars sold by Credit Suisse are guaranteed to be investment grade. 

Each bar sold comes with a certificate (either attached on its Certicard or separate). Security is an important feature that comes with this investment. Every bar comes with a stamped serial number together with the purity of the metal and its weight. 

Finally, in addition to all the above-mentioned reasons for choosing Credit Suisse gold, Credit Suisse bullion is sold at relatively low margins. This essentially means that these bars are available at a lower price above the gold spot price compared with other brands. This is especially true of the 1 ounce, 100 grams, 10 ounce, and 1-kilogram bars. These reasons ensure that you can not go wrong with the globally renowned Credit Suisse brand gold if you are buying gold bars.

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