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Now Available: Noah's Ark 2022 Silver Coins

10 Jan 2022 - Coins Home Page

The Armenian Noah's Ark Silver coin series is now available at This silver coin was first issued in 2011 and has been available to investors for twelve years. This coin is based on a Biblical story from the Book of Genesis, which described God sending a flood to cleanse the world of humanity's sins. 

Introducing Noah's Ark Silver Bullion Coins

These silver coins are available in single coin flips. Tubes are used for orders of 20 or more coins. Additionally, a monster box of 500 coins, which comprises 25 tubes each containing 20 coins, is available. The famous silver bullion coin was introduced in 2011. Since then, it has developed a firm foothold on the global market and has grown in popularity. This exquisite silver coin is available in seven weights: 1/4 ounce, 1/2 ounce, 1 ounce, 5 ounce, 10 ounce, 1 kilogram, and 5 kilograms.

The Design of the New Noah's Ark Silver Coins

The Armenian coat of arms is shown on the 2022 Armenian Noah's Ark Silver Coins obverse. The shield is quartered, with heraldic lions in the first and fourth quadrants and a heraldic eagle in the second and third quadrants. A heraldic eagle and lion flank the shield, with a smaller shield in the middle depicting Noah's ark on Mount Ararat. The inscriptions read AG 999, and REPUBLIC OF ARMENIA, written in English and Armenian. The coins have a legal tender value in Dram, the official currency of Armenia.

The 2022 Armenian Noahs Ark Silver Coin depicts Noah's ark on the reverse side. The biblical ship that assisted Noah in rescuing his family and two of each animal on the planet is seen here as the sun rises over Mount Ararat in the distance. A pigeon returns an olive branch in the foreground.

The History of the Coin in Detail

The Central Bank of Armenia issues Noah's Ark precious metal coins. As a legal currency in Armenia, production is regulated by the central bank: the state verifies and guarantees the purity of the precious metal, the weight, and the quality of the coinage. The gold bullion coin is constructed of the finest gold available with a 999.9/1000 purity.

According to the Bible, Noah's ark was trapped in the Ararat mountains after the flood. Mount Ararat is Armenia's national emblem; its spectacular form can be seen from Yerevan's capital and is inextricably linked to the cityscape. Mount Ararat with the ark is a prominent feature of the Armenian coat of arms and, consequently, the currency series commemorating it.

Wrapping Up

The Noah's Ark bullion and collectors' coins are produced at Germany's most advanced private mint. All raw materials used in making these gold and silver coins are sourced only from authorized and approved by the London Bullion Market Association's criteria.

Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung GmbH manufactures each coin in a sophisticated process that begins with the granulate and the completed product. Each currency is subjected to stringent quality control.

Noah's Ark Silver and Gold coins are available from for worldwide delivery and secure VAT-exempt storage. 


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