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How Much Money Should A person Invest in Gold and Silver?

The debate about how much a person should invest in gold, silver, or other precious metals has been active for decades. There are people who don’t consider gold a good investment, while on the other hand, precious metal enthusiasts consider gold the ultimate insurance policy. You probably have heard strong arguments from both sides.

One of the most prominent voices against investing in gold is not someone you can ignore. Warren Buffet has held the opinion that investing in gold is just plain ‘stupid.’ Investment gurus like Buffet think investing in precious metals means buying something while paying for its storage and other expenses in the hopes that it appreciates.

This seems like a valid point when we take things from this perspective. However, for gold lovers, a return isn’t the only reason to invest in the yellow metal, and factors like insurance against uncertainty are a must-have in your portfolio. Now that approach is also completely understandable.

To put this contradictory situation into a decision making perspective, we have some advantages and disadvantages of investing in gold and silver, so that you can make sure about what to do.

Advantages of investing in Gold and Silver

Disadvantages of Investing in Gold and Silver:

There you have it, a brief pros and cons comparison of precious metals.

In our opinion, the decision about how much to invest in gold and silver is just a matter of personal preference. It all depends upon your risk tolerance, savings, views on the economy, etc.

Although you have to make the final decision yourself about how much to invest in gold and silver, all investment experts agree that the percentage of money invested in gold and silver should not be less than 2% and not more than 20%. It allows you to have enough liquidity for other investments as well as a safe investment in precious metals for long term security.