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Historic Britannia Silver Coins Get Reintroduced for 2022

07 Dec 2021 - Coins Gold News Home Page

Britannia was a historic iconic queen who protected the British Isles from oppression and invasion. Her name has returned to the British Royal Mint's yearly Britannia Silver Bullion Coins. The stunning one-ounce bullion coins come in one full ounce of 99.9% pure silver. Apparently, it has all the worth to stand out in any collection of bullion.

A Timeless Symbolization of Britain

For ages, Britannia has been the personification of a country and an image for maritime sovereignty. The name has been appearing on different coins going past the ancient Roman Empire. Since 1987, her name and picture have been featured on the series of Britannia bullion coins by the United Kingdom.

The young Britannia standing unflinchingly on a wind-struck coast, holding a trident strongly in one hand and a shield and a branch in the other was the design made by Philip Nathan.

The coin that the design was on was named "Coin of the Year" upon its release. Originally designed as a series of gold bullions, the Silver Britannia coins were introduced into yearly production about ten years later, in 1997. The coin carries the same magnificent design.

The Silver Britannia series has been reintroduced for 2022. Each piece in this offering was struck by the Royal Mint's artisan and is presented in shining Brilliant Uncirculated condition. That means that these coins will be as crisp and sharp as the day they came from the Mint, with great features and gorgeous, glossy finishes.

Improved Features of the Series

Additionally, the Mint has undertaken considerable measures to provide the best assurance to the collectors of the origin of the coins. The Mint has included four security mechanisms on the Britannia coins for 2022.

These additional security elements serve to both embellish and safeguard the coin. They have also included the following:

  • A trident represents Britannia's nautical heritage in the bottom left-hand corner of the image, under her flowing robe. The trident transforms into a padlock from a certain viewing angle, emphasizing the coin's safe character.

  • The movement and the course of waves are reflected in the surface animation.

  • The fine elements on the shield of Britannia, such as the Union flag, have been meticulously accentuated in the bullion finish of the coins.

  • The micro text engraved in the design reads, "DECUS ET TUTAMEN." It translates as "a safeguard and an ornament."

Britannia's attention will be sought by British history fans, silver stackers, and coin collectors alike.


The globally recognizable statue of Britannia standing fast against a violent storm in this landmark bullion series is a priceless token to the past. Since Roman times, her picture has served as an icon of Britain's power and integrity on the currency. The reintroduction of the Britannia coin is a historic event for the ardent group of people. The Royal Mint is also expecting to get a positive response.

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