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Gold Kangaroos

The Australian Kangaroo gold bullion coin is manufactured annually by the Perth Mint in Australia. The Kangaroo series is the most popular series of coin available from the Perth Mint, and due to its popularity, is now available in gold, silver and platinum. The Perth Mint also manufacture a number of other, popular coins, including the silver Koala, silver Kookaburra, and the platinum Platypus.

The History of the Australian Gold Kangaroo

The Perth Mint, Australia’s oldest operating mint, first launched the sale of the Australian Gold Kangaroo Nugget series of bullion coins in 1987. Right from the start these Australian gold coins featured two unique details.

  1. They chose a two-tone frosted effect for their coin faces.
  2. Each coin comes in it’s very own protective acrylic casing.

In the beginning these coins featured, on the reverse side, a famous Australian gold nugget. This design was to honor the gold rush in Australia, as well as the Australian precious metals industry. 

The gold nugget is struck in gorgeous high relief with a proof like finish, and is guaranteed 0.9999 pure gold (24 karat) and released in limited mintages. This coin has been highly sought out by collectors all over the globe since the first issue.

The Perth Mint quickly realized however, that the gold nugget pictured wasn’t recognizable to everyone! In fact, many people weren’t sure what it was at all. So in 1989, the Perth Mint decided to place a more recognised symbol, the kangaroo, on the back of the coin instead of the gold nugget they were previously using.

The Perth Mint releases a new Gold Kangaroo coin each year. The kangaroo displayed on the coin changes with every new limited mintage. This makes the coins highly collectable and a wonderful investment in gold bullion as well.   

About the Gold Kangaroo

Each gold Kangaroo features the profile of Queen Elizabeth II. Her flawlessly coiffed hair, a tiara, a quiet expression on her face and the coins face value printed across the bottom of the coin. The portrait used was designed by the Royal Mint contest winner, Ian Rank-Broadley in 1997, and has been used on the coins since 1998. 

The other side of the Kangaroo coin features an image of a Kangaroo and the year, weight and fineness of the gold coin around the edges. The image of the Kangaroo is updated each year, and many collectors purchase the updated design each year. 

Each 1oz coin is minted from .9999 pure gold and has the legal tender value of $100 AUS. A strong investment in gold, it can be purchased world-wide and is easily accepted throughout the United States, Europe as well as in Asia.

Kangaroo Gold Coin Face Values

Size Face Value
1/20 Ounce $5 AUD
1/10 Ounce $15 AUD
1/4 Ounce $25 AUD
1/2 Ounce $50 AUD
1 Ounce $100 AUD
2 Ounce $200 AUD
10 Ounce  $1,000 AUD
1 Kilogram $3,000 AUD


Gold Kangaroo coins are also available in Silver and Platinum. Whether you decide to purchase the Gold Kangaroo coin in gold, silver or platinum, every coin displays the kangaroo on one side and Queen Elizabeth II on the other.

The gold Kangaroo coin is available for VAT-exempt Swiss storage located in Zurich, Switzerland, or for delivery. For clients that select VAT-exempt storage, goods may be sold back or shipped at any time. For further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.