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Buy Valcambi Palladium

Valcambi SA is headquartered in the Italian section of Switzerland, in a town called Balerna. It is one of Switzerland's most prominent precious metals refineries, along with PAMP, Argor Heraeus and Metalor. Valcambi manufacture a wide range of precious metals products, in gold, silver, platinum and palladium, as well as the range of Credit Suisse bars. In addition to their standard bars, Valcambi also sell the combibar series, which is very popular with investors concerned about the future of the Euro and the US Dollar.

A History of Valcambi

Valcambi opened in 1961, and has been refining precious metals ever since. In 1968, the refinery was purchased by Credit Suisse, and today all Credit Suisse precious metals products are manufactured by Valcambi on behalf of the bank. All Valcambi precious metals bars are markets as good delivery by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA approved), which means they meet an international standard set for investment grade bullion. 

Around 2002, Credit Suisse stopped its active involvement in the precious metals industry, and Valcambi was sold on to a company called European Gold Refineries. However, the refinery still continues to manufacture precious metals bars on behalf of the bank. 

Valcambi Palladium Bars

Valcambi palladium bars are available in a range of sizes, however the most popular sized bars available are the 1 Oz Valcambi bar and the 100 Gram Valcambi bar. can arrange larger sized Valcambi palladium bars up to 1 kg for client upon request. All Valcambi bars sold by us come sealed in their own certicard to prevent damage. The front of the bar features the Valcambi logo, with the weight, fineness and serial number of the bar located at the bottom. The reverse side of the bar says 'Valcambi Suisse'.

Valcambi also manufacture a palladium combi bar. This bar consists of 50 x 1 gram Valcambi palladium bars, which can be broken off from each other and used independently in place of currency in the event of a fiat money collapse. 

Although palladium is a less popular precious metal than gold or silver, it is also far scarcer. Both platinum and palladium production worldwide totals less than 1% of annual gold production. Palladium prices are also highly dependent on the automotive industry and world car production, as the metal is used in the production of catalytic converters. As of 2018, palladium has outperformed gold, silver and platinum in growth over the last 2 years. Investors looking to buy a diversified precious metals portfolio should definitely consider adding some palladium. 

The Valcambi palladium bars are very popular, as the brand is well known and the bars sell for a low margin over the palladium spot price.