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Buy Perth Mint Silver Bars

The Perth Mint is located in Perth, Australia, and is the official mint of the Australian government. The mint produces a number of very popular bullion products, including gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars and coins. The Perth Mint acts as one of Australia's biggest exporters, with annual precious metal product exports totalling around $18 billion annually. The Mint first opened in 1899, and has since then maintained a continuous business in the manufacturing and production of precious metals products. Until 1931, the Mint also was an official manufacturer of the British gold Sovereign. 

Perth Mint Silver Bars

The Perth Mint manufacture silver bars for retail investors in four sizes. The 1 Ounce Silver Bar, 10 Ounce Silver Bar, 1 Kilogram Silver Bar and 100 Ounce Silver Bar.  The one ounce Perth Mint silver bar is the only bar that is minted. All other sizes come in cast form. The 1 Ounce Perth Mint silver bar features the Perth Mint logo, with the iconic swan design at the top of the bar, with the fineness and weight of the bar located below. The reverse of the bar features a repeating design of a Kangaroo hopping. These bars are sometimes colloquially called 'Kangaroo bars' because of their design. All Perth Mint minted silver bars contain 99.99 fine investment grade silver bullion. 

The Perth Mint larger silver bars, including the 10 ounce, 1 kilogram and 100 ounce silver bar, all are sold as a cast bar. The cast bars contain the Perth Mint logo at the top, with the fineness and weight of the bar located below. All Perth Mint cast bars contain 99.9% fine silver bullion. These bars are popular with silver investors, due to their simple yet elegant design. The Perth Mint is recognised worldwide, and so these bars can easily be liquidated at any time.