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Gold Philharmonics

The Austrian Philharmonic gold coin stands alone as mainland Europe's finest and most popular gold bullion coin. The Austrian Mint in Vienna manufactures the Austrian Philharmonic coin. These precious metal coins are available in gold, silver and recently, platinum.

A History of the Gold Philharmonic

The gold Austrian Philharmonic coin was first offered October 10th, 1989. The coin was initially only offered in gold, and was released in Schilling denominations. In 2000 the Philharmonic coin series was updated to reflect its face value in Euro denominations.

2004 marked the 15th anniversary of the Austrian Philharmonic bullion gold coin. The Austrian Mint created a special edition gold Philharmonic to celebrate. This coin was called “The Big Phil” and weighed in at 1,000 ounces. This coin had a value of 100,000 Euros and, in honour of the coin’s 15th anniversary, only 15 of these coins were minted. Each one was 2 cm thick and had a diameter of 37 cm. One of these coins is still on display in the foyer of Pro Aurum, headquarters in Munich.  

Due to the popularity of the gold Philharmonic series, the Austrian Mint launched the Philharmonic coin in silver in 2008, and in platinum in 2016.

The Austrian Mint also launched a line of gold Kinebars, manufactured by Argor Heraeus on behalf of the mint, which are designed specifically for precious metals investors.

About the Gold Philharmonic

These coins feature a beautifully struck image of the famous Pipe Organ shown inside the Vienna Musikverein Golden Hall, along with the weight, purity and fineness on the obverse and a collection of Philharmonic orchestra instruments on the reverse. The pictures displayed on both sides of these beautiful Gold Austrian Philharmonic coins were designed by Thomas Pesendorfer.

The Austrian Philharmonic Gold coin contains .9999 pure gold, which is also known as 24 karat gold. The face value of the one ounce Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin is 100 Euros.

Gold Austrian Philharmonic Coin Face Values

Size Face Value
1/10 Ounce €10
1/4 Ounce €25
1/2 Ounce €50
1 Ounce €100


The Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coin is .999 pure silver. These coins were first introduced on the market as a collectable or a bullion coin in 2008. Rising in popularity, these coins have become one of the most well-known and highly minted coins in all of Europe. They may be purchased in a bulk buy of 500 coins. The face value of the Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coin is 1.50 Euros.   

The Austrian Philharmonic Platinum coin is .9995 fine platinum. These coins were first introduced to the Austrian Philharmonic coin collection in 2016. Although not as popular as the gold and silver versions, the platinum coins hold their value in the market. These coins can be purchased separately for collection purposes. They can also be purchased individually or in tubes of 10 coins. The face value of the Austrian Philharmonic Platinum coin is 100 Euros.

The Austrian Philharmonic coin is the only European bullion coin to have a Euro based face value. This makes the coins particularly popular to precious metals investors in Europe.  

Austria’s Philharmonic coins are both available and recognized worldwide. Any of these coins would make a lovely addition to any collection or a sound investment in the future. sell the gold philharmonic coin for VAT-exempt storage in Switzerland or for delivery worldwide.