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Buy Credit Suisse Palladium

Credit Suisse is one of Switzerland's largest investment banks. It is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, with offices worldwide. The bank was originally founded in 1856, as part of a program to fund the construction of Switzerland's railway network. The bank started focusing on its retail banking business around 1900. This was in part due to growing competition from other Swiss banks, including UBS and Julius Bar. However at the time Switzerland's middle class was expanding which also allowed for an increase in retail banking business. Although the bank was largely unaffected by the 2008 financial crises, it did plead guilty to assisting its clients avoid taxes.

As part of Credit Suisse's retail banking services, the bank offers gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars for sale. Some lines of Credit Suisse precious metals products, such as the 1 Oz Credit Suisse gold bar, are available to retail precious metals investors worldwide. However, many of their product lines, and particular their silver bars, are only available to Credit Suisse clients. 

Credit Suisse Palladium Bars

Credit Suisse does not own or run its own precious metals refinery. Therefore, all Credit Suisse gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars are manufactured by Valcambi on behalf of the bank. Valcambi is one of Switzerland's largest precious metals refineries. All Credit Suisse precious metals products contain the Valcambi hallmark on them. 

Credit Suisse palladium bars are available in a range of sizes, however the most popular are the 1 Ounce and 10 Ounce Credit Suisse palladium bars.

1 Oz Credit Suisse palladium bars are sold sealed in a certicard. The 10 Oz Credit Suisse Palladium bar is sold with a separate certificate. Due to the bar's weight, it cannot be supplied in a certicard.

Both bars feature the Credit Suisse Logo at the top, with the bar's weight, fineness and serial number below. All Credit Suisse palladium bars have a fineness of 999.5. 

Palladium is an interesting precious metals investment opportunity, as the metal has appreciated significantly over the last decade. Like platinum, it is much rarer than gold or silver, and its price can be significantly swayed by changes in the automotive industry, and political and economic changes in South Africa and Russia, which are the two main producers of the platinum group metal (PGM).