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Battle for the Gold: Valcambi vs PAMP

There is a famous saying that "the desire of gold is not for gold, but that it is for the means of freedom and benefit." With freedom and financial benefits there is also risk, which is one of the toughest challenges for any investor.

Luckily information diminishes the chances of risk. In order to make the right investment decision when it comes to gold bars, one should look at the more prominent brands.  Two of the most prominent are Valcambi and PAMP. What are the benefits of chosing PAMP vs Valcambi and vice versa? 

Why Choose Between Buying Valcambi & PAMP Gold Bars

Valcambi and PAMP Gold bars are two of the most famous brands respectively in the market today. Prospective investors will find that not only are these two brands at the forefront of investment bullion in Europe, but also globally.

Over their 50 plus year history, Valcambi has been involved in the business of precious metals refining. As one of the largest precious metal refiners in the world, they are known to refine gold more than any other company. In comparison, PAMP (MKS), another large and reputed metal refining company from Europe, is known to be the first globally to present a wide variety of decorative designs on the reverse side of its bars.

Both the gold bars have been manufactured with a minimum fineness of 999.9. Both have premium certified packaging. Both are well recognised and relatively liquid. 

The Difference Between Valcambi and PAMP Gold Bars

Both Valcambi and PAMP have a wide range of gold bars, which come in a variety of sizes to choose from. However, the most popular sized gold bar worldwide is the 1 Ounce gold bar. Therefore, when chosing between Valcambi and PAMP gold bars, it is best to look at the 1 ounce gold bar.

The major differences between Valcambi and PAMP gold bars (1 ounce) are:


Both Valcambi and PAMP gold bars are similar when considered from an investment perspective. When it comes to buying Valcambi and PAMP gold bars, both these companies have set the bar incredibly high. sells both Valcambi and PAMP gold bars with the option for secure vault storage, which is included in the purchase price for 6 months free of charge. Worldwide delivery is also available. When looking to buy gold bars, both Valcambi and PAMP are worth the investment.