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A Brief Insight Into The New Designs Of 2022 Perth Mint Coins

15 Dec 2021 - Coins Home Page

The collector and bullion coin range has always been an exciting one. For that reason, investors are always thrilled when a new lineup enters the market. And yet again, the Perth Mint has provided a foretaste of the new lineup after years of planning, research, and intricate designing. They will soon be available for purchase.

However, it will be pretty challenging for investors to plan ahead if they do not know what the new 2022 Perth Mint Coins look like. That is where this article steps in.  Through this, you will gain all of the information regarding these collector's edition coins. And after going through it all, you will be capable of making a proper purchase decision. So, let's get started!

New Designs of The Perth Mint Coins 2022

If you look at the previous collector coin catalog, you will notice that each lineup has a specialty. The same case applies to the new designs of 2022 Perth Mint coins. Here’s a quick snapshot of the latest designs:

  • Lunar Year Silver: These coins are said to be the natural leaders blessed with charm, courage, and confidence. They will be under the sign of the tiger in 1974, 1986, 2010, and 2022. What design will it have? You will notice a protective parent tiger on the front and a beautiful cub following the parent's trail on a rocky terrain that will feature bamboo and ferns.

  • Lunar Year Gold: The tiger is the 3rd of the 12 animals in the ancient Chinese Lunar calendar. And it is present on this coin too. The majestic tiger on the coin will have its head turned towards the tail. It will depict how fearless the animal actually is in the wild. 

  • Koala: You might already know this by now; Koala is among the most beloved animals of Australia. And each of these coins will portray a koala sleeping on top of a bough of a tree. Also, the construction will be of pure silver.

  •  Kangaroo Gold: There are two designs of this coin. The first will have a kangaroo along with its joey bounding across a field. Secondly, a reverse design will have classic artistry of red kangaroo bounding in the air. Rays of sunlight will surround the kangaroo.

  • Kangaroo Silver: There is a silver version of the kangaroo coins available on the new 2022 lineup of Perth Mint coins. It will basically depict the reverse design of the gold ones. However, one of the versions will have half sun rays instead of the full.

  • Kookaburra Silver: Last but not least, a kookaburra design is available in the lineup. You will find the animal sitting on top of a water feeder on the coin. On that note, Natasha Muhl, an artist, designed the Kookaburra coins.

Should You Purchase The 2022 Perth Mint Coins?

Once you get your hands on the new 2022 Perth Mint coins, you will add value to and diversify your portfolio. And it is the most significant benefit of investing in gold and silver. 


The new lineup of the Perth Mint coins is truly fascinating. There is a good amount of refresh on the design, and each one of them has a touch of specialty to them. However, do consider checking the weight range and other factors before making a purchase decision.

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