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A Brief Insight Into The New Designs Of 2022 Perth Mint Coins

The collector and bullion coin range has always been an exciting one. For that reason, investors are always thrilled when a new lineup enters the market. And yet again, the Perth Mint has provided a foretaste of the new lineup after years of planning, research, and intricate designing. They will soon be available for purchase.

However, it will be pretty challenging for investors to plan ahead if they do not know what the new 2022 Perth Mint Coins look like. That is where this article steps in.  Through this, you will gain all of the information regarding these collector's edition coins. And after going through it all, you will be capable of making a proper purchase decision. So, let's get started!

New Designs of The Perth Mint Coins 2022

If you look at the previous collector coin catalog, you will notice that each lineup has a specialty. The same case applies to the new designs of 2022 Perth Mint coins. Here’s a quick snapshot of the latest designs:

Should You Purchase The 2022 Perth Mint Coins?

Once you get your hands on the new 2022 Perth Mint coins, you will add value to and diversify your portfolio. And it is the most significant benefit of investing in gold and silver. 


The new lineup of the Perth Mint coins is truly fascinating. There is a good amount of refresh on the design, and each one of them has a touch of specialty to them. However, do consider checking the weight range and other factors before making a purchase decision.