2023 Platinum Coins

Buy 2023 platinum bullion products, including platinum Eagles, Maples, Philharmonics and Kangaroos in brand new and uncirculated condition from Swiss Bullion. Swiss Bullion sells platinum 2023 coins individually or in wholesale lots, and coins can be purchased for global delivery and secure storage. 

Why Invest in 2023 Platinum Products?

Investing in platinum is a solid decision and 2023 platinum coins are an excellent addition to any portfolio. If looking simply at the raw value of platinum, the year isn’t very important. However, bullion also can carry additional collectible value - especially specialty coins and bars. Oftentimes, a premium can be added to the raw value of a bar or coin simply because a collector is looking for consecutive years or certain features that were added during a particular year. This can be a reason to select 2023 coins when building a platinum portfolio.

Newly Released 2023 Platinum Coins

Coins are bullion products that have a legal tender value and are backed by an official government. Here are some of the top platinum coins for 2023.

2023 Platinum Philharmonic:

The Philharmonic from the Austrian Mint is one of the most sought-after bullion coins on the market. It features the instruments played by the Vienna orchestra, and the Music Hall's Great Organ, on its faces. Nothing has changed in terms of its design besides the date listed on the coin.

2023 Platinum Maple Leaf:

The Canadian Royal Mint's Maple Leaf series of platinum coins are highly popular with investors and collectors alike. It features a highly detailed maple leaf depiction and a depiction of Queen Elizabeth II. Nothing has changed besides the date for 2023. This is likely the last year that the coin will feature Queen Elizabeth II, as the 2024 edition of the coin is scheduled to feature King Charles III. 

2023 Platinum Britannia Coins:

The platinum Britannia features Queen Elizabeth II and a depiction of Britannia herself clad in armor and wielding the British shield. This is a favorite among investors, and the Royal Mint has kept the Britannia’s classic design for its 2023 striking. 

2023 Platinum Kangaroo:

Australia’s famous kangaroo coins are getting a new look for 2023. These 1-ounce platinum coins uphold the intricate detail standards set by previous iterations, but the exact poses of the kangaroos featured on the obverse and reverse sides of the coin will be different from previous years; making this a must-have part of any portfolio that takes collectible value into account.

Buying New VS Circulated Platinum Coins

When you purchase platinum coins, you’ll usually find them in two conditions. New means that the coins have not been sold or used before. They are in perfect condition from when they left the refinery, and they are in their original packaging.

Circulated coins are different. They’ve been distributed before, and depending on the coin, they might have even been physically handled before. However, all circulated coins are still valued on their platinum content and are considered a good investment. 

Why Buy Platinum Coins from Swiss Bullion?

Swiss Bullion accepts numerous top currencies from around the world, and we offer a wide selection of bullion products from the top brands. We also provide global delivery.

Our European clients also enjoy VAT-free storage of platinum bars and coins.

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