Wholesale Platinum

Buy wholesale platinum from SwissBullion.eu. Swiss Bullion sells wholesale platinum at lower premiums to clients located in Europe and worldwide. Wholesale platinum is available in lots of 10 items or more. Wholesale platinum bars and coins are both available. Wholesale platinum bars include 1 ounce Argor-Heraeus platinum bars, 1 ounce PAMP Suisse platinum bars, 1 ounce Valcambi Suisse platinum bars and wholesale Credit Suisse platinum bars. Wholesale platinum bars based on current excess stock availability are also available both individually and in wholesale lots of 10, and these are the lowest premium platinum bars available. Low premium platinum coins available include wholesale platinum Britannias, wholesale platinum Philharmonics, wholesale Platinum Maple Leafs, wholesale platinum Kangaroos, and others. Low premium platinum coins based on current excess stock availability may also be purchased at further reduced premiums.

Why Invest in Wholesale Platinum Bars and Coins?

Platinum has grown increasingly popular as a precious metals investment over the last two decades. Platinum’s scarcity coupled with the increase in the white metal’s demand have continued to bolster interest in the metal. Platinum is very scarce, and annual platinum production is less than 3% of that of gold. Furthermore, almost all platinum mined annually comes from either South Africa, Zimbabwe or Russia.

Platinum’s demand, however, continues to increase. Platinum’s unique properties make the metal useful in reducing carbon emissions in automobiles. The metal is also being researched for a number of other environmental applications, including water purification. Many investors believe that the metal’s continuous scarcity coupled with its increased demand are likely to cause prices to increase in the longer term.

Buying Wholesale Platinum Online

Wholesale platinum products are more popular with investors looking to buy platinum at reduced rates. Furthermore, clients of SwissBullion.eu are able to choose to buy platinum bars and coins online for worldwide delivery and for secure VAT-free bullion storage. Many clients, particularly those in Europe, prefer vault storage for platinum its VAT-exempt status while in storage reduces its overall cost by 20%, which is significant. Clients of Swiss Bullion benefit from the following:

  • Low premium platinum bars and coins available individually or in wholesale increments.

  • Platinum bars and coins available for worldwide delivery and secure Swiss bullion storage.

  • Payment possible in up to 20 different currencies.

  • Wide range of platinum products.

  • Easy 24/7 account access to buy, sell, or trade platinum

In addition to its range of wholesale platinum products, Swiss Bullion has a wide range of platinum products available for purchase individually. These include platinum bars by Valcambi, PAMP Suisse, Credit Suisse, and Argor-Heraeus that are available in a wider range of sizes, starting with 1 gram platinum bars. Platinum bars and coins can be purchased in any of 20 currencies and 8 cryptocurrencies.

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