Swiss Platinum Bars

Switzerland is recognised worldwide for its precious metals refineries - these refineries maintain some of the highest world standards for platinum bars worldwide. Platinum bars are produced by four main refineries in Switzerland - Argor-Heraeus, Valcambi, PAMP and Metalor. Argor-Heraeus also produce platinum bars for UBS, and Valcambi produce them for Credit Suisse. Swiss platinum bars meet all international standards for investment grade platinum bullion, and are recognised by the LBMA and the COMEX as well. Each bar has a minimum fineness of 999. Swiss platinum bars are available in sizes ranging from 1 gram to 1 kilgoram, with 1 ounce and 100 gram platinum bars being the most popular sizes.

How to Invest in Platinum Bars

Investing in platinum bars is easy. It’s simply a matter of finding a distributor such as Swiss Bullion that can provide the bars you’re looking for, weighing your options with VAT fees and purchasing premiums, and making a purchase. Then, you can opt to have your bullion purchase delivered to your home or stored in secure Swiss vault storage.

The key is to pair it with other precious metal assets and to consider any collectible value your bars might have. For example, a platinum Fortuna bar might sell for more when you liquidate than a simple cast platinum bar.

Swiss Platinum Bars

Switzerland is known for its high-quality bullion, and you can't go wrong with any of the bars coming from Swiss refineries. However, here are four brands that are the perfect starting point for investors looking to add platinum assets to their portfolios.


The platinum bars produced by Argor-Heraeus are some of the finest in the industry. Argor-Heraeus is a merged venture helmed by Heraeus, one of the most renowned refineries in the world, and it consistently exceeds industry standards.

While you won’t have many specialty options, Argor-Heraeus bars do feature standard brand labeling and industry-defined labels on the obverse of every bar, and the reverse often features a repeating pattern. Argor-Heraeus platinum bars are also available in a wider range of sizes than most other brands.


Valcambi is known for its dedication to quality, and platinum is one of its main products. Each Valcambi bar, whether it be mint or cast, is shined to a remarkable polish, the labeling is crisp and clear, and you can trust that its measurements and design aspects are made exactly as specified.

However, it’s not a brand that specializes in artistic depictions and other fancy forms of bullion. You’ll be able to choose from bullion in a variety of metals and sizes and cast and mint bars are available.


PAMP is the most decorated refinery in all of Switzerland. It holds the record for being the only Swiss refinery to hold all available accolades simultaneously, and it has produced some of the most sought-after bars on the market.

You can choose from PAMP platinum bars in cast or mint varieties in many sizes, and they all feature standard branding and labeling. However, the brand also produces the coveted Fortuna series.

Credit Suisse:

Credit Suisse is known for its consistency and reliability. As one of the largest banking entities in the world, it has earned a reputation for providing quality, consistent, reliable service and products to customers around the globe. The same is true for the bullion production it oversees.

Credit Suisse does not produce specialty bars, but it does distribute high-quality mint bars under the Credit Suisse name in a variety of sizes; all of which bear the standard labels and branding of mint bars.

Buying VAT-Free Swiss Platinum Bars

At Swiss Bullion, you’ll enjoy smooth transactions in several of the world’s top currencies, a wide selection, and global shipping. However, we also offer VAT-free storage on platinum products which is included in your purchase free of charge for the first 180 days.

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