Platinum Philharmonics

Buy platinum Philharmonic coins from sells platinum Philharmonic coins in both uncirculated and circulated conditions. Coins can be purchased individually or in wholesale lots of 10 or 20 coins. Platinum Philharmonics can be purchased for worldwide delivery or for secure, VAT-free bullion storage.

 Investing in Austrian Mint Bullion

The Austrian Mint is an old mint that originated in the mid-1100s. This makes it one of the world's oldest mints that are still operating, today. However, it has gone by various names over the last few centuries; such as the Vienna Mint.

The Austrian Mint produces all of Austria’s circulatory coinage, a number of bullion products, and even some circulatory coinage for smaller surrounding countries that don’t have their own government-operated mints.

When you invest in bullion from the Austrian Mint, especially its renowned Philharmonic coins, you can trust that you’re receiving a product that meets or exceeds industry standards every time.

Why Buy Platinum Philharmonic Coins?

The Austrian Mint produces bullion bars and coins in a range of precious metals, however, it is their Philharmonic series that stands out and which is by far their most popular product. The Philharmonic coins from the Austrian Mint are globally renowned and highly sought after.

The Philharmonic coin was first struck in 1989, and the original was only available in gold. It featured the same obverse depiction of the orchestra's instruments and the reverse depiction of the Philharmonic Orchestra's great organ. Now, the coins are also available in silver and platinum.

When you buy a platinum Philharmonic, you’ll receive a 1-ounce coin made from 9995% pure platinum. The obverse and reverse art depictions listed above are carved in extreme detail, and the orchestra’s name adorns the top rim of the coin in Austrian.

These coins are highly collectible due to their popularity, and owning coins from various years is a great way to earn a premium price when liquidating your portfolio later on.

Platinum Coins as Part of an Investment Portfolio

Platinum coins are perfect for modern investment portfolios. Nearly every investor interested in precious metals starts with gold and silver. Platinum complements gold perfectly and acts as a nice alternative or addition to silver in any portfolio.

Platinum is more valuable and more stable than silver. This is due to the manufacturing industry's extreme dependence on it for some of the most crucial parts developed in multiple industries. However, it does still fluctuate similarly to silver. When the market is good, platinum increases in price because manufacturing companies increase production. When the market is down, the price of platinum tends to hold.

This is in direct contrast to gold; gold increases in value when wealthier individuals use it to store their wealth during economic downturns. Then, it balances out when the economy picks up, again.

Platinum coins are simply an easy way to store your platinum assets. However, they also typically have collectible value in addition to their metal value, because their production is usually more limited than that of silver or gold coins.

Buying Platinum Philharmonics from Swiss Bullion

At, we offer a wide variety of bullion products; including the sought-after platinum Philharmonic. We also accept a variety of global currencies, and we provide global delivery to serve all of our clients.

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