Platinum Maple Leaf Coins

Buying Royal Canadian Mint Maple Leaf Coins

The Maple Leaf series from Royal Canadian Mint is one of the most renowned coin series available worldwide. Initially launched in gold in 1979, the series is now available in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. 

As one of the most competitively priced platinum coins on the market, the platinum Maple Leaf is an excellent way for any investor to become involved in the platinum market. 

Why Invest in the Platinum Maple Leaf?

While platinum is a good investment in itself, there are reasons to purchase the platinum Maple Leaf specifically.

The Maple Leaf has become a staple for collectors and investors alike due to its stunning detail, consistency, and accessibility. This has led to the coin becoming a collector’s item, and many buyers will look for coins from specific years just to have a collection of consecutive mints. 

The Maple Leaf is also designed with exceptional detail. The maple leaf design on the obverse is stunningly clear and realistic, and the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the reverse is a photo-realistic depiction.

Is Platinum a Good Investment?

Platinum is a proven investment for multiple reasons. This is outside of the added value and reputation provided by the Royal Canadian Mint’s Maple Leaf series.

Platinum's price is based on the metal's supply and demand. Platinum is much scarcer than gold. In fact, the annual production of platinum is less than 3% of that of gold. While platinum production remains scarce, its demand slowly and continuously increases. Platinum is necessary for a wide range of industries, from the jewelry industry to the healthcare technology industry. This scarce supply coupled with increasing demand for the white metal is a reason to consider investing in platinum.

Platinum is a high-demand resource, however, this demand ensures that its price doesn’t dramatically drop when the economy slows. It can stall, but it rarely loses significant value.

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