Platinum Eagle Coins

The American Eagle Series

The bald eagle has stood as a symbol of the United States since the country's inception. As such, the United States Mint has developed a longstanding series of coins dedicated to the depiction of the bald eagle in stunning detail.

The American Eagle series is available in gold, silver, and platinum, and the platinum series specifically features 9995% pure platinum.

This series is among the top bullion coins in the world, and it’s famous among collectors and investors alike due to its stunning depictions and incredibly consistent quality.

Platinum US Eagle Coins

The US Eagle series comes in gold, silver, and platinum. Each one features the same artistic depictions, but the metal content varies as most bullion coins do.

On the obverse of the Platinum American Eagle coin, you’ll find a depiction of the face of the Statue of Liberty. On the reverse, there is a bald eagle soaring through the sky with the sun behind it in the background.

Each coin weighs 1 ounce, and these coins are packaged individually in protective slips. These coins come from various years, but the artistic depictions on the coins are the same regardless of which year you receive a coin from.

You will also receive an assay to quickly and reliably verify the authenticity of the coins. carries the new 2023 platinum Eagles as well as backyear Eagles. All 2023 platinum Eagles are in uncirculated condition. 

Investing in Platinum Coins

Investing in platinum coins is considered a prudent investment decision.

Platinum complements any gold portfolio perfectly. Gold tends to increase in value when the economy adopts a downward trend as gold is a popular investment during periods of uncertainty. Platinum, however, increases in value when the economy is booming. This is because platinum is critical to a number of different sectors, and when the economy is good production increases. Platinum is a necessary material for many manufacturing industries, including automobile catalytic converters. When the demand for manufacturing drops, platinum tends to hold its value.

American Eagle platinum coins are a great way to invest in platinum. The coins are backed by the government of the United States and are recognised worldwide. 

Why Buy Platinum Coins from Swiss Bullion?

Swiss Bullion carries a wide range of platinum bullion coins, including American Eagle platinum coins. Coins are sold in a plastic slip. Clients of Swiss Bullion can select from a wide range of products, and both global delivery and secure storage are both available. Payment is also accepted in a wide range of currencies. 

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